Projects Topics & Ideas on MBA Marketing

Projects Topics & Ideas on MBA Marketing

Get the MBA Marketing projects topics and ideas for MBA Marketing development with source codes at Parthenium Projects. MBA Marketing is an open source and powerful language for web design and  development. We posses the greatest list of MBA Marketing projects for students, engineers, and researchers. Also our projects contains contain MBA Marketing source codes to help you test and understand application workings.

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Here is the list of all MBA Marketing

  1. A Study on Market Feasibility of Bulk Selling of International Long Distance Calls for Airtel

  2. Importance of Consumer Buying Behaviour

  3. Impact of Brand Positioning on Consumer Learning and Brand Loyalty

  4. Measuring the Impact of Social Media Marketing Campaign

  5. Introduction to Services Marketing

  6. Websites and Portals – Leverage in Marketing Effectiveness

  7. Marketing Through Social News and Book Marking Sites

  8. Key features of Social Networking sites

  9. Social Media Marketing

  10. B2B Marketing strategies on Social Media

  11. Effect of Branding on Consumer Buying Behavior

  12. Customer Focus – A Key to Service Marketing

  13. B2C Marketing Strategies on Social Media

  14. Consumer Behaviour on Airtel

  15. Factors Influencing Customer Buying Decisions – A Case Study

  16. Planning for Internet Marketing – Broad guidelines : A Case Study

  17. A Study on Online Marketing

  18. Study of Consumer Behavior in Automotive Industry

  19. Measurement of Brand awareness and brand perception of Mobile Phone Company

  20. Marketing Through Social Media and Book Marking Sites

  21. Customer Satisfaction of Kent Waterpurifier

  22. Service Quality and Consumer Satisfaction of Maruti Service Centers

  23. Effectiveness of Online Classifieds Website

  24. Customers First, Employees Later Service Marketing Overview

  25. Internet Marketing Strategies – Approaches and Challenges : An Overview

  26. Emergence of Internet Marketing -Origins, Needs, Challenges and Opportunities

  27. Emergence of E-Commerce – A brief history – Indian Scenario

  28. A Study on Factors Affecting Customers Preference Towards Life Insurance Policies

  29. A Study on Future of BPO

  30. A competitive Analysis and Study in Indian Telecom Sector

  31. A Study on the Consumer Perception of HYUNDAI [Car Model] Cars

  32. A Study on Retailers Satisfaction with Special reference to Suguna poultry…

  33. A study on customer satisfaction towards Ventura Pumps

  34. A study on Dealers Perception in ABCD Apparels

  35. Radio as a Promotional Tool an Sxploratory Study

  36. Effectiveness of Retailing Mix in Big Bazaar

  37. A Study on Distribution Channel Adopted by the Times of India to its Existing Customers

  38. Studying the Influence of Factors Affecting Purchase Behaviour of Customers Towards Life Insurance Products

  39. Project report on consumer behaviour of HMT – Hindustan Machine Tools

  40. A project report on Apollo Tyres Brand Image.

  41. Brand awareness of Spencers & its comparative analysis with Big Bazaar Other Retail Organization

  42. Expansion of Blackberry in Retail Market Through Retail Auditing, Marketing, Research and Survey

  43. A Study on Trading Behavior of Investors at Reliance Money

  44. A study on customer feedback about Centurion Bank of Punjab services

  45. A Study on Existing Customers Perception Towards Tax Saving & ULIP Products of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

  46. A Study to Evaluate the Banking Services Provided to SME Customers

  47. A Study on Awareness and Expectations of Industrial Entities with Respect to Mortgage Programmes offered by Citi Financial

  48. A Study on Customer Experience management – CEM in Personal Loan

  49. A Study on Purchase Behaviour of Mobile Phone Among Women Segment

  50. A Study on the Perception of Home Insurance Customers Towards Advertising at ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company LTD. 

  51. A Study on General Awareness on Non-Life Insurance Policies

  52. A Study on Customers Expectations and Satisfaction Level Towards After Sales Services

  53. A Comparitive Study on Customer Preference on Mobile Communication with Reference to the Services Provided by Private Airtel and Public BSNL 

  54. Assessment About the Level of Awareness of Speciality Services Offered by Kovai Medical Center and Hospital in the Region 

  55. A Study on Perception of Life Insurance Agency as a career for Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Campany Limited 

  56. A Study of Premium Credit Card Users for their Choice and to Create a Customer Profile for Future Promotions 

  57. A Study on the Factors Affecting Dealer Performance to Evolve a Strategy for Increasing Market Share of TATA Indicom

  58. A study on the awareness and acceptance level of HPP – Home Protection Policy Among the Home Loans Takers 

  59. A Study to Identify Sales Management and Sales Leadership

  60. A Study on Traders Perception and Expectation Towards Anchor Electrical Products in City

  61. A Study to Identify the Retail Penetration Level of Airtel Pre Paid Cards in City

  62. A Study on Customer Expectations, Experience and Satisfactionlevel Towards Services Provided at Two Wheeler Exchange

  63. A Study on Identifying Awareness Among Corporate Executives on Pursuing Higher Studies

  64. Customer Relationship Management – An Empirical Study in Spencers

  65. A study to identify why the std usage by Airtel customers in State is Lesser than the National Average

  66. Factors Affecting Dealer Performance to Evolve a Strategy for Increasing Market Share of TATA Indicom

  67. A Study on Factors Influencing the Disconnection of Land Lines of BSNL

  68. A Study on the Customer Perception of Mobile Phone Service Providers in City with Special Reference to BSNL

  69. A Comparative Study on Consumer Behaviour About Colgate and Pepsodent Paste

  70. A Study to Identify the Retail Penetration Level of Airtel Pre Paid Cards

  71. Effectiveness of Training and Development with Special Reference to Voltas Limited

  72. Customer Experience Management in Personal Loan

  73. A Study to Evaluate the Banking Service Provided to SME Customers by ICICI Bank

  74. A Market Study About Laser Toner

  75. Customer satisfaction with reference to financial services in DJS Stock and Share LTD

  76. Advertising Strategy of the Indian Corporate World – LG Electronics

  77. A Study on Awareness and Acceptance Level of MILEAP (laptop) of HCL Among Chartered Accountants

  78. A Study on Credit Card Users in [ABCD] City

  79. Customer Preference and Satisfaction Level Towards their Expectation with Special Reference to Yamaha Motor Bikes

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