A Study on Credit Card Users in [ABCD] City 

A study on credit card users in [ABCD] city 

A Study on Credit Card Users in [ABCD] City 


A study on credit card users in [ABCD] city MBA marketing Project Report undertaken for ICICI Bank Ltd., Bank aims to find the reason of choice for selecting a particular Credit card. The study will help the bank to find the features which attracted the customers.  The primary research objective of the consumer survey was to enhance the FCA’s understanding of consumer behavior in relation to shopping around and switching for credit cards. A credit card has played a major role in men’s and women’s spending power, encouraging money from plastics rather than money from paper. Indian banking sector credit card demand has seen tremendous growth in recent years. This study was conducted to understand the behavior and perception of customers towards the use of private sector bank credit cards.

The present trend indicates that the coming years will witness a burgeoning growth of credit cards which will lead to a cashless society. Credit has become an important vehicle for trade promotion. Credit cards provide convenience and safety to the buying process. One of the important reasons for the popularity of credit cards is the sea change witnessed in consumer behavior. The aim of the content of the report is to show the growth and technological development of the Indian financial industry. The aims of this research material are to demonstrate the growth of the Indian financial sector; the technological advancement of the Indian financial industry and the financial industry computerization. Technology enables increased access to the banking system, improves convenience and future makessmall quality transactions. Technological innovation enables transactions to take place quicker and offers exceptional comfort across various channels of distribution.

Name of the Project   : A Study on Credit Card Users 

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