Key Features of Social Networking Sites 

Key features of Social Networking sites 

Key Features of Social Networking Sites 


Key features of Social Networking sites project on mba marketing like Facebook and Linkedin are the most popular web destinations today. And why not. They provide a platform to people to connect with friends, relatives and acquaintances across the world. The facilities they provide have allowed them to overtake e-mail as the most potent killer application on the net.

Members are provided web space to build their profiles. The profiles serve a dual purpose: one, they allow friends or contacts to identify members from their profiles; and two, the data entered by the members is used by Social Networking Sites project on mba marketing to connect with other members who have a similar background. Each member gets a unique web address that becomes the identity of that individual or business. The members can then use their web address or url to promote themselves or their business.

Key Features Of Social Networking Sites  Apps have emerged which specifically refer to themselves as networking or social networking apps, and a body of literature has emerged that can become  the basis for a new research area.In this article, by analyzing the characteristics of social networking services,we help to broaden the new research field. The aim is to provide a set of characteristics that could aid in the new area of research to recognize, interpret and delimit objects of analysis.

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