Marketing through Social News and Bookmarking Sites

Marketing through social news and bookmarking sites

Marketing through Social News and Bookmarking Sites


Marketing through Social News and Bookmarking Sites project on mba marketing, which relates to the sharing of information, experiences, and perspectives throughout community-oriented websites, is becoming increasingly significant in our online world. Thanks to social media, the geographic walls that divide individuals are crumbling, and new online communities are emerging and growing. Some examples of social media include blogs, forums, message boards, picture- and video-sharing sites, user-generated sites, wikis, and podcasts. Each of these tools helps facilitate communication about ideas that users are passionate about, and connects like-minded individuals throughout the world. 

Social media penetration seems to be a continuing trend. Social media marketing connects service providers, companies, and corporations with a broad audience of influencers and consumers. Using social media marketing, companies can gain traffic, followers, and brand awareness—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. While higher education prices continue to rise and revenues continue to fall, colleges are looking for new ways to try to cut costs.Over the past six years, one such source, online classes, has seen a sharp increase in enrollment.Professors may turn to the use of course packs, photocopies of materials they choose, in an attempt to find the right reading materials for their class and, in some cases, to reduce costs.

Name of the Project   : Marketing through Social News and Bookmarking Sites

Project Cost                : $ 35

Delivery Time             :  Within 48 hours

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