Home Renting System

Home renting system

Home Renting System

Home renting system management report in python.An efficient and dynamic home rental system which users can access through their mobile phone with no hassle is a desire of every tenant in Bangladesh. In this era of technology no one want to roam around to find a vacant house. House for living is one of the basic needs of people, therefore to make it easier and accessible by every people we represent a home rental system which provides every needed facility .CSP(Constraint Satisfaction Problem) implemented search option is more dynamic in case of large database compared to SQL (Structured Query Language) search.Python student project report on Home renting system.  Click here to get complete Python projects lists.

The primary focus of our work is to implement constraint satisfaction problem in the search option of our home rental system. Our home rental system will have dynamic values for searching and for which constraint satisfaction problem implementation is a better preference. Not only this but also a combination of public transport tracker and a dynamic chat server between admin and agent is also a feature of this rental system. Additionally, there is a dynamic mail alert system in which if any user put any request in the wish list, they will be notified by this system. We implement IOT (Internet of Things) in one small option. That is, to detach family and bachelor criteria. Here we discuss how we program our search feature using CSP search based algorithm and also the implementations of transport tracker, dynamic mail alert and the chat server.Python student project report on Home renting system.

Rental house management has become important factor in modern society hence the need to have a rental house management system. This chapter will provide a brief understanding about background of study, definition of the project problem statement, its objectives, scopes, project justification, risks, project deliverables and project budget and schedule.

Problem Definitions:

Roam around to rent a house has always been a hassle for people. Especially, on recent times, people have so many priorities based on which they have to rent their house. Some people want their house to be in the commercial space, or some want in a chaos free space. Some people prefer to choose the area of their house relating the religion they belong. Again there are a lot of people who love pets; therefore they want a house which has pet allowance. Basically, in this era of modernism people want to rent their house like online shopping. To rent a house in physical world has become less popular now a days. No one wants to roam around here and there to search for a house. People would prefer a virtual system to rent a house. To decode this situation and to represent a hassle free environment to the people, a dynamic system can be implemented.

That system would give the tenants the best service for renting houses without any kind of hassle. Government can make one unique system where people can rent house based on their priority instead of having so many rental systems. In that system, all the vacant houses of any district of Bangladesh will be listed there. One system will hold every details of every vacant house from any district, any are. To, make the system more liable, there should be a system by which tenants can verify the owner or agent. Also to analysis the place they will rent for house they need to know the location of that. Hence, every information details which have minimum priority to rent a house will hold by the system. There a one special feature for the bachelors so that they can rent houses efficiently as now a day house owners do not want to rent their houses to the bachelors for safety issue.


According to the universal declaration of human rights by which we get to know that is belong to a human the right to have a proper standard of living. ( United Nations, The Human Rightsarticle 25, 1948). A standard living place is every citizen’s basic right. .Choosing that place is also their right. As technology is growing so fast every single day, it is necessary to make the system the most dynamic approach. By the need of this, a dynamic home rental system is needed where every citizen can choose their house according to their choice and also it has to be most dynamic as people will access this system at anytime from anywhere.

To make the system more dynamic we have implemented CSP algorithm in the following way. CSP make the search more dynamic then SQL. In CSP, first a priority can be set. Then user will give constraints, based upon the constraints and a priority domain will be created using the available data. The domain is mainly all the rentals related to the constraint set on the priority filed. Hence, users can give any constraints and also set any priority; CSP will create the initial priority based domain and from that domain it will lead towards the result domain after handling other sub domains which will be created from the priority domain relating the fields which are not set as priority. Suppose in our system user can set the priority by area and rent range, then he/she will give their constraints As a result, it is such a system which will represent a dynamic approach of renting home.


The following are the project objectives: To develop a rental house management system that allows the user to view customers‟ data as well as houses record To develop a system that allows the users to add, edit, search and delete data from the database To study and analyze the requirement specifications of the rental house management system To produce the Software Requirement Specification of the system To produce the Software Design Document of the system


The project scope defines the description of the work that is required in delivering the rental house management system. The following are the scopes of work during the course of the project: Study and understand the requirement of this project Construct Software Requirement Specification document of the system Construct Software Design Document of the system


The main deliverables of this project will be the complete software system and the software engineering document that include: Software Requirement and Specification Software Design Document The Software engineering document will be constructed.


The term methodology means the technique and procedure adopted by conducting a research study. It outlines how data will be collected and the tools for collecting data, system methodology, the proposed system input and output, users and systems development tools.


It shows how data will be collected from the users of the system. The data collection techniques to be used include:

Objectives: It will use this technique to collect information about how the current system operates and its processes. This involves systematically watching and recording the behavior and characteristics of operations and processes. It gives more detailed and context related information and can adapt to event as they occur however the method may be time consuming.

Questionnaires: I will prepare a number of questionnaires whereby I will submit them to business owners (Landlords) to get a deeper insight of how the system is going to work. I prefer this method because it gives more information from various individuals and offers greater flexibility as the opportunity to restructure questions. This technique is preferred because it will provide a closer contact between the users and the developer hence dispelling the probability of the completed system being rejected by user(s). This technique also: Permits clarification Has high response rate than interviews. Helps get full range and depth of information

Secondary Data Collection: This data I will collect from existing sources e.g books, internet, journals and magazines that was collected by other researchers and analysis was done. It is from that data that I will then compare with the primary data and make a decision and conclusion.


System development methodology is a technique that is used to show how the proposed system will be developed. In this case, the methodology used will be a waterfall model.

Waterfall Model: It is comprised of the stages that the developer will use when developing the system. It is a sequential model hence, the name waterfall. The developer has to finish with one stage before going to the next one. It comprises of the feasibility study, analysis phase, design phase, coding phase, testing phase, implementation phase and finally the maintenance phase. It is a simple model and easy to use and understand. With waterfall development based methodologies, the analysts and users proceed sequentially from one phase to the next. The deliverables from each phase are voluminous and are presented to the project sponsor for approval as the project moves from phase to phase. Once the phase is approved by the sponsor it ends and the next phase begins.


The system objectives outlined during the feasibility study served as the basis from which the work of system design was initiated. Much of the activities involved at this stage were of technical nature requiring a certain degree of experience in designing systems sound knowledge of computer related technology and through understanding of computers available in the market and the various facilities provided by the vendors. Nevertheless, a system could not be designed in isolation without the active involvement of the user. The user had a vital role to play at this stage too. Data collected during feasibility study was utilized systematically during the system design. Designing a system is a creative process which calls for logical as well as lateral thinking Logical approach involves systematic moves towards the end product keeping in mind the capabilities of the personnel and the equipment at each design making step.

Existing system

Currently the most property managers manage property and tenants details on papers. Once customers finds a vacant house, they can call or email manager of the houses indicating the size of the house they would like rented to them. The property manager can email them back giving them all the details about the house they are requesting. The details include; Rent per month Deposit paid Terms and conditions to follow acceptance.Complete python project report on Home 


With the current system recording the details of various activities of user is completely manual and entails a lot of paper work. Each house has a file that contains the house: number, size, rent per month, expected deposit, occupant and status. Rent payment table contains tenants: first name, last name, Phone number, date of payment, amount and balance if any. The existing system only provides text based interface which is not as user friendly as Graphical user interface. Since the system is implemented manually, the response is very slow. The transactions are not secure as papers may get lost or damaged. Hence, there is need of reformation of the system with more advantages and flexibility. The system eliminates most of the limitations of the existing system.


Requirement analysis involved defining customer needs and objectives in the context of planned customer use, environments and identified system characteristics to determine requirements for system functions. Complete python project report on Home renting system

User Requirements: It entailed user involvement and statements of facts and assumptions that define the expectations of the system in terms of mission objectives, environment, constraints and measures of effectiveness and suitability. Basically the users:

  • A system that improves on the efficiency of information storage and retrieval.
  • A system that is easy to learn and use
  • A system that is fast in processing transactions
  • A system that is flexible, safe and convenient.

Functional Requirements: This is a necessary task, action or activity that was accomplished. The proposed system is able to:

  • Allow administrator to add a houses, tenant and defaulters details
  • Allow the administrator to delete houses, tenants and defaulters details
  • Allow the administrator to search data in the database
  • Allow the administrator to edit data in the database.


Home renting system management report in python.Our project is meant to satisfy the needs of rental house owners. Several user friendly interfaces have also been adopted. This package shall prove to be a powerful in satisfying all the requirements of the users It is with utmost faith that I present this software to you hoping that it will solve your problems and encourage you to continue appreciating technology because it is meant to change and ease all our work that seems to be very difficult. I don‟t mean that my project is the best or that I have used the best technology available it just a simple and a humble venture that is easy to understand. However, I would encourage anyone who has the ability to advance it using advanced technologies so as to increase its capabilities. Complete python project report on Home renting system

System Configuration

H/W System Configuration:- 

System          : Pentium I3 Processor.
Hard Disk       : 500 GB.
Monitor          : Standard LED Monitor
Input Devices : Keyboard
Ram               : 4 GB

S/W System Configuration:-

Operating system              : Windows 7/8/10.
Available Coding Language : Python
Database                          : MYSQL

Project Name Home Renting System
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Delivery Time 48 Hour
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