Advertising Strategy of the Indian Corporate World – LG Electronics

Advertising Strategy Of The Indian Corporate World LG Electronics

Advertising Strategy of the Indian Corporate World – LG Electronics


Advertisement Strategy MBA marketing project report, which is a crux of any market economy, plays a pivotal role in the economic progress of a nation. Advertising is indeed the only direct method, which helps to reach masses of potential buyers. Advertising, being dynamic, changes with changing methods of distribution and consumption. LG is a part of LG Corporation and upholds its Life’s Good tag line. It’s one of the most loved companies in the world and it’s not going to be wrong to say on average that almost everyone in the world must have used an LG product once. Initially, in 1958, LG Electronics was introduced as Gold Star. Gold Star is one of the LG groups merged with Lucky Chemical and LS cable and changes the corporate name to Lucky Gold Star and then finally to LG Electronics. It was established in the aftermath of the Korean War to provide the rebuilding nation with domestically-produced consumer and home appliances.

Advertising Strategy of the Indian Corporate World – LG Electronics MBA marketing project report has become part of life for everyone. as a listener through some media or other.  Thus, the impact leads to cultural and social changes to a great extent. Under this situation efficiency of the manufacturers, marketers, and advertisers is tested in churning out advertisements, matching the expectation of the consumers, which may gradually bring about desired attitudinal changes in them. Along with the new corporate mission, LG electronics has been reborn. The organization remains youthful and vibrant. Building a better future for customers is the top priority and the company is going top gear to make the “Better Future” a reality.


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