Measuring the Impact of Social Media Marketing Campaign

Measuring the impact of social media marketing campaign

Measuring the Impact of Social Media Marketing Campaign


Measuring the Impact Of Social Media Marketing Campaign Ongoing analytics are necessary for keeping up with the overall pulse of general conversation about your brand and company. Once your brand tracking is set up, you can just let it run and check in regularly to see how everything is going. Campaign-focused metrics, on the other hand, help you understand the impact of targeted marketing initiatives and will vary from campaign to campaign, depending on your goals for each. An effective social media measurement program will likely include both ongoing and campaign-specific measurement.

Before you jump into measuring every single tweet, photo and Facebook comment posted about your brand, first think about your goals with social media. What are you trying to accomplish or gain through these social channels? And which channels are most relevant to those goals? The next step is to match your goals to actual metrics and behaviors you can measure. For example, if you’re trying to measure engagement, then what is the practical form of engagement you want to track? Is it retweets or reposts ? Replies or comments? Clicks? Here are a few suggestions of behaviors to measure, based on a few common social media goal. Therefore, as assessment methods, variables and requirements shift in the dynamic environment, the analysis explores the difficulty of assessing the efficiency of advertising campaigns on social media networks. Researchers measure and perceive factors differently impacting the success of advertising campaigns on social media networks.The key results obtained in this review were 39 primary factors that influence the efficacy of advertising campaigns found by scientific literature research on social media networks.

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