Projects Topics & Ideas on Cloud Computing

Projects Topics & Ideas on Cloud Computing

Get the Cloud Computing projects topics and ideas for Cloud Computing development with source codes at Parthenium Projects. Cloud Computing is an open source and powerful language for web design and  development. We posses the greatest list of Cloud Computing projects for students, engineers, and researchers. Also our projects contains contain Cloud Computing source codes to help you test and understand application workings.

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Here is the list of all Cloud Computing Projects

  1. SeSPHR: A Methodology for Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in the Cloud

  2. Efficient and Privacy-preserving Min and k-th Min Computations in Mobile Sensing Systems 

  3. Towards Privacy-preserving Content-based Image Retrieval in Cloud Computing

  4. Secure Fine-Grained Access Control and Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in Cloud

  5. Secure Data Group Sharing and Dissemination with Attribute and Time Conditions in Public Cloud

  6. Secure and Efficient Attribute-Based Access Control for Multiauthority Cloud Storage

  7. Publicly Verifiable Boolean Query Over Outsourced Encrypted Data

  8. Transactional Behavior Verification in Business Process as a Service Configuration

  9. Provably Secure Fine-Grained Data Access Control over Multiple Cloud Servers in Mobile Cloud Computing Based HealthCare Applications

  10. Privacy Protection and Intrusion Avoidance for Cloudlet-based Medical Data Sharing

  11. Privacy Preservation for Outsourced Medical Data With Flexible Access Control

  12. Lightweight and Privacy-Preserving Delegatable Proofs of Storage with Data Dynamics in Cloud Storage 

  13. Inference Attack-Resistant E-Healthcare Cloud System with Fine-Grained Access Control

  14. Identity-Based Private Matching Over Outsourced Encrypted Datasets

  15. Fine-Grained Two-Factor Protection Mechanism for Data Sharing in Cloud Storage

  16. Efficient and Expressive Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data in Cloud

  17. DROPS: Division and Replication of Data in Cloud for Optimal Performance and Security

  18. CryptCloud+: Secure and Expressive Data Access Control for Cloud Storage

  19. Unified Fine-grained Access Control for Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing

  20. Chaotic Searchable Encryption for Mobile Cloud Storage

  21. Catch You if You Misbehave: Ranked Keyword Search Results Verification in Cloud Computing 

  22. Audit-Free Cloud Storage via Deniable Attribute-based Encryption

  23. An Efficient Ranked Multi-Keyword Search for Multiple Data Owners Over Encrypted Cloud Data 

  24. An Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Biometric Identification Scheme in Cloud Computing

  25. A Three-Layer Privacy Preserving Cloud Storage Scheme Based on Computational Intelligence in Fog Computing

  26. Achieving Secure and Efficient Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption over Medical Cloud Data 

  27. A New Lightweight Symmetric Searchable Encryption Scheme for String Identification

  28. Combining Data Owner-side and Cloud-side Access Control for Encrypted Cloud Storage

  29. A Key-Policy Attribute-Based Temporary Keyword Search scheme for Secure Cloud Storage

  30. Efficient Retrieval Over Documents Encrypted by Attributes in Cloud Computing

  31. A Planning Approach for Reassigning Virtual Machines in IaaS Clouds

  32. A Robust Formulation for Efficient Application Offloading to Clouds

  33. Efficient Traceable Authorization Search System for Secure Cloud Storage

  34. An Efficient and Secured Framework for Mobile Cloud Computing

  35. Efficient Resource Allocation for On-Demand Mobile-Edge Cloud Computing

  36. Price-based Resource Allocation for Edge Computing: A Market Equilibrium Approach

  37. VMGuard: A VMI-based Security Architecture for Intrusion Detection in Cloud Environment

  38. HealthDep: An Efficient and Secure Deduplication Scheme for Cloud-Assisted eHealth Systems

  39. An Efficient and Fair Multi-Resource Allocation Mechanism for Heterogeneous Servers

  40. SEPDP: Secure and Efficient Privacy Preserving Provable Data Possession in Cloud Storge

  41. Provably Secure and Lightweight Identity-Based Authenticated Data Sharing Protocol for Cyber-Physical Cloud Environment 

  42. Aggregation-Based Colocation Datacenter Energy Management in Wholesale Markets

  43. Minimal Cost Server Configuration for Meeting Time-Varying Resource Demands in Cloud Centers

  44. Enhancing Performance and Energy Efficiency for Hybrid Workloads in Virtualized Cloud Environment

  45. Adaptive Resource Management for Analyzing Video Streams from Globally Distributed Network Cameras

  46. virtFlow: Guest Independent Execution Flow Analysis Across Virtualized Environments

  47. A Power-of-Two Choices Based Algorithm for Fog Computing

  48. Secure and Sustainable Load Balancing of Edge Datacenters in Fog Computing

  49. Semantic-based Compound Keyword Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data

  50. An Approach to Balance Maintenance Costs and Electricity Consumption in Cloud Data Centers 

  51. Dynamic VM Scaling: Provisioning and Pricing Through an Online Auction

  52. Integrated Authentication and Key Agreement Framework for Vehicular Cloud Computing

  53. Security Analysis of Smartphone and Cloud Computing Authentication Frameworks and Protocols

  54. CLASS: Cloud Log Assuring Soundness and Secrecy Scheme for Cloud Forensics

  55. Achieving Fairness-aware Two-Level Scheduling for Heterogeneous Distributed Systems

  56. Multi-user Multi-task Computation Offloading in Green Mobile Edge Cloud Computing

  57. Migration Modeling and Learning Algorithms for Containers in Fog Computing

  58. Scheduling Inter-Datacenter Video Flows for Cost Efficiency

  59. Optimizing Autonomic Resources for the Management of Large Service-Based Business Processes

  60. Towards Shared Ownership in the Cloud

  61. TTSA An Effective Scheduling Approach for Delay Bounded Tasks in Hybrid Clouds

  62. PHE: An Efficient Traitor Tracing and Revocation for Encrypted File Syncing-and-Sharing…

  63. Flexible and Fine-Grained Attribute-Based Data Storage in Cloud Computing

  64. Optimizing Cost for Online Social Networks on Geo-Distributed Clouds

  65. Leveraging Data Deduplication to Improve the Performance of Primary Storage Systems in the Cloud 

  66. Two-Factor Data Security Protection Mechanism for Cloud Storage System

  67. A Modified Hierarchical Attribute-Based Encryption Access Control Method for Mobile Cloud Computing 

  68. A Privacy-Preserving Outsourced Functional Computation Framework Across Large-Scale Multiple Encrypted Domains

  69. Prioritization of Overflow Tasks to Improve Performance of Mobile Cloud

  70. Attribute-Based Data Sharing Scheme Revisited in Cloud Computing

  71. Read2Me: A Cloud-Based Reading Aid for the Visually Impaired

  72. KSF-OABE: Outsourced Attribute-Based Encryption with Keyword Search Function for Cloud Storage

  73. SecRBAC: Secure data in the Clouds

  74. Reducing Fragmentation for In-Line Deduplication Backup Storage via Exploiting Backup History and Cache Knowledge

  75. Enabling Fine-Grained Multi-Keyword Search Supporting Classified Sub-Dictionaries Over Encrypted Cloud Data

  76. A Semi-Automatic and Trustworthy Scheme for Continuous Cloud Service Certification

  77. A Lightweight Secure Data Sharing Scheme for Mobile Cloud Computing

  78. VPSearch: Achieving Verifiability for Privacy-Preserving Multi-Keyword Search over Encrypted Cloud Data

  79. A Cross Tenant Access Control (CTAC) Model for Cloud Computing: Formal Specification and Verification

  80. TAFC: Time and Attribute Factors Combined Access Control on Time- Sensitive Data in Public Cloud

  81. Privacy Protection Based Access Control Scheme in Cloud-based Services

  82. Customer Satisfaction Aware Optimal Multi Server Configuration for Profit Maximization in Cloud Computing

  83. Securing Cloud Data Under Key Exposure

  84. A Robust Reputation Management Mechanism in the Federated Cloud

  85. Attribute-Based Storage Supporting Secure Deduplication of Encrypted Data

  86. RAAC: Robust and Auditable Access Control with Multiple Attribute Authorities for Public Cloud Storage 

  87. A Novel Efficient Remote Data Possession Checking Protocol in Cloud Storage

  88. Identity-Based Data Outsourcing with Comprehensive Auditing in Clouds

  89. Practical Privacy-Preserving Content-Based Retrieval in Cloud Image Repositories

  90. Two-Cloud Secure Database for Numeric-Related SQL Range Queries with Privacy Preserving

  91. Geometric Range Search on Encrypted Spatial Data

  92. Dual Server Public Key Encryption With Keyword Search for Secure Cloud Storage

  93. Conjunctive Keyword Search With Designated Tester and Timing Enabled Proxy Re-Encryption Function for E – Health Clouds 

  94. An Efficient File Hierarchy Attribute Based Encryption Scheme in Cloud Computing

  95. TMACS: A Robust and Verifiable Threshold Multi-Authority Access Control System in Public Cloud Storage 

  96. Reducing Fragmentation for In-Line De duplication Backup Storage via Exploiting Backup History and Cache Knowledge

  97. Privacy Preserving Ranked Multi Keyword Search for Multiple Data Owners in Cloud Computing 

  98. Cloud Armor Supporting Reputation-based Trust Management for Cloud Services

  99. Circuit Cipher Text-Policy Attribute-Based Hybrid Encryption with Verifiable Delegation in Cloud Computing 

  100. CD Store: Toward Reliable, Secure, and Cost-Efficient Cloud Storage via Convergent Dispersal

  101. A Secure and Dynamic Multi-keyword Ranked Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data 

  102. A Secure Anti-Collusion Data Sharing Scheme for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud

  103. Conditional Identity-based Broadcast Proxy Re-Encryption and Its Application to Cloud Email

  104. CDA Generation and Integration for Health Information Exchange Based on Cloud Computing System

  105. Diplo Cloud: Efficient and Scalable Management of RDF Data in the Cloud

  106. Secure Optimization Computation Outsourcing in Cloud Computing: A Case Study of Linear Programming

  107. Protecting Your Right: Attribute-Based Keyword Search with Fine-grained Owner-enforced Search Authorization in the Cloud

  108. Fine Grained Two Factor Access Control for Web Based Cloud Computing Services

  109. Identity-Based Encryption with Cloud Revocation Authority and Its Applications

  110. Dynamic-Hash-Table Based Public Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage

  111. Enabling Cloud Storage Auditing with Verifiable Outsourcing of Key Updates

  112. Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing Using Revocable-Storage Identity-Based Encryption

  113. Dynamic and Fault-Tolerant Clustering for Scientific Workflows

  114. An Efficient Privacy-Preserving Ranked Keyword Search Method

  115. Dynamic and Public Auditing with Fair Arbitration for Cloud Data

  116. EPAS: A Sampling Based Similarity Identification Algorithm for the Cloud

  117. Providing User Security Guarantees in Public Infrastructure Clouds

  118. Publicly Verifiable Inner Product Evaluation over Outsourced Data Streams under Multiple…

  119. Identity-Based Proxy-Oriented Data Uploading and Remote Data Integrity Checking in Public Cloud 

  120. DeyPoS Deduplicatable Dynamic Proof of Storage for Multi-User Environments

  121. Energy Efficient Scheduling of Servers with Multi-Sleep Modes for Cloud Data Center

  122. Revenue Maximization for Dynamic Expansion of Geo-distributed Cloud Data Centers

  123. A Hierarchical Control Framework of Load Balancing and Resource Allocation of Cloud Computing Services 

  124. Genetic-Based Algorithms Applied to a Workflow Scheduling Algorithm with Security and Deadline Constraints in Clouds

  125. Energy-Efficient VM-Placement in Cloud Data Center

  126. Energy-aware VM Consolidation in Cloud Data Centers Using Utilization Prediction Model

  127. Energy-aware Load Balancing and Application Scaling for the Cloud Ecosystem

  128. Multi-Objective Scheduling for Scientific Workflow in Multicloud Environment

  129. Energy-Efficient Virtual Machine Selection Based on Resource Ranking and Utilization Factor Approach in Cloud Computing for IoT 

  130. Distributed Resource Allocation for Data Center Networks- A Hierarchical Game Approach

  131. A Truthful (1- )-Optimal Mechanism for On-demand Cloud Resource Provisioning

  132. Hierarchical Stochastic Models for Performance, Availability, and Power Consumption Analysis of IaaS Clouds

  133. Power and resource-aware virtual machine placement for IaaS cloud

  134. A Game Approach to Multi-servers Load Balancing with Load-Dependent Server Availability Consideration

  135. A Distributed Auction-based Framework for Scalable IaaS Provisioning in Geo-Data Centers

  136. An Intelligent Regressive Ensemble Approach for Predicting Resource Usage in Cloud Computing 

  137. On Efficient Resource Use for Scientific Workflows in Clouds

  138. An Energy Efficient and SLA Compliant Approach for Resource Allocation and Consolidation in Cloud Computing Environments

  139. Cost Optimization for Dynamic Replication and Migration of Data in Cloud Data Centers

  140. An Iterative Budget Algorithm for Dynamic Virtual Machine Consolidation under cloud Computing Environment

  141. Crow Search Based Virtual Machine Placement Strategy in Cloud Data Centers with Live Migration

  142. STAR: SLA-aware Autonomic Management of Cloud Resources

  143. A Hybrid Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization For Scientific Workflow Scheduling

  144. Scalable and Direct Vector Bin-Packing Heuristic Based on Residual Resource Ratios for Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Data Centers

  145. Online Inter-Datacenter Service Migrations

  146. An Iterative Budget Algorithm for Dynamic Virtual Machine Consolidation Under Cloud Computing Environment

  147. Business Value-Aware Task Scheduling for Hybrid IaaS Cloud

  148. An Energy-Efficient VM Prediction and Migration Framework for Overcommitted Clouds

  149. A Combined Forecast-Based Virtual Machine Migration in Cloud Data Centers

  150. A Cost-Effective Deadline-Constrained Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm for Scientific Workflows in a Cloud Computing