Projects Topics & Ideas on Network Security and Secure Computing

Projects Topics & Ideas on Network Security and Secure Computing

Get the Network Security And Secure Computing projects topics and ideas for Network Security And Secure Computing development with source codes at Parthenium Projects. Network Security And Secure Computing is an open source and powerful language for web design and  development. We posses the greatest list of Network Security And Secure Computing projects for students, engineers, and researchers. Also our projects contains contain Network Security And Secure Computing source codes to help you test and understand application workings.

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Here is the list of all Network Security And Secure Computing

  1. Efficient and Scalable Query Authentication for Cloud-based Storage Systems with Multiple Data Sources

  2. Efficient Dynamic Evolution of Service Composition

  3. Privacy-Preserving Fine-Grained Data Retrieval Schemes For Mobile Social Networks

  4. Privacy-Preserving Top-k Spatial Keyword Queries in Untrusted Cloud Environments

  5. Shifting to Mobile: Network-based Empirical Study of Mobile Vulnerability Market

  6. Target-Based, Privacy Preserving, and Incremental Association Rule Mining

  7. A New QoS-Aware Web Service Recommendation System Based on Contextual Feature Recognition at Server Side

  8. A Verifiable and Flexible Data Sharing Mechanism for Information-Centric IoT

  9. Online Auctions in IaaS Clouds: Welfare and Profit Maximization With Server Costs

  10. Practical Network-Wide Packet Behavior Identification by AP Classifier

  11. Routing in Accumulative Multi-Hop Networks

  12. Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Using the Fitness Function

  13. Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Network Using Type 2 Fuzzy Logical 2

  14. E2HRC: An Energy-Efficient Heterogeneous Ring Clustering Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network 

  15. Collaborative Filtering Service Recommendation Based on a Novel Similarity Computation Method

  16. Towards Detecting Compromised Accounts on Social Networks

  17. Search Rank Fraud and Malware Detection in Google Play

  18. ProGuard: Detecting Malicious Accounts in Social-Network-Based Online Promotions

  19. Privacy-Preserving Selective Aggregation of Online User Behavior Data

  20. A Credibility Analysis System for Assessing Information on Twitter

  21. A Temporal Model for Topic Re- hotting Prediction in Online Social Networks

  22. Privacy and Integrity Preserving Top-k Query Processing for Two-Tiered Sensor Network

  23. SWEET: Serving the Web by Exploiting Email Tunnels

  24. Network Capability in Localizing Node Failures via End-to-End Path Measurements

  25. FaceChange: Attaining Neighbor Node Anonymity in Mobile Opportunistic Social Networks With Fine Grained Control

  26. An Overlay Architecture for Throughput Optimal Multipath Routing

  27. SADI: A Novel Model to Study the Propagation of Social Worms in Hierarchical Networks

  28. Fuzzy Identity-Based Data Integrity Auditing for Reliable Cloud Storage Systems

  29. FastGeo: Efficient Geometric Range Queries on Encrypted Spatial Data

  30. A Data Analytics Approach to the Cybercrime Underground Economy

  31. A Network Coding and DES Based Dynamic Encryption Scheme for Moving Target Defence

  32. Credit card fraud detection using AdaBoost and Majority Voting

  33. CoDetect: Financial Fraud Detection with Anomaly Feature

  34. Lightweight Fine-Grained Search over Encrypted Data in Fog Computing

  35. Trust-based Collaborative Privacy Management in Online Social Networks

  36. A Provably-Secure Cross-Domain Handshake Scheme with Symptoms-Matching for Mobile Healthcare Social Network

  37. Exploiting Social Network to Enhance Human-to-Human Infection Analysis Without Privacy Leakage

  38. Collective Data-Sanitization for Preventing Sensitive Information Inference Attacks in Social Networks

  39. Anonymization of Sensitive Quasi-Identifiers for l-Diversity and t-Closeness

  40. A Hybrid Approach for Detecting Automated Spammers in Twitter

  41. PROVEST: Provenance-based Trust Model for Delay Tolerant Networks

  42. Shared Predictive Cross-Modal Deep Quantization

  43. Lightweight Fine-Grained Search over Encrypted Data in Fog Computing

  44. Quality and Profit Assured Trusted Cloud Federation Formation: Game Theory Based Approach

  45. Energy Efficient Link-Delay Aware Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

  46. Magic Train: Design of Measurement Methods Against Bandwidth Inflation Attacks

  47. Analyzing and Detecting Money-Laundering Accounts in Online Social Networks

  48. Efficient Fine-Grained Data Sharing Mechanism for Electronic Medical Record Systems with Mobile Devices

  49. Deep Learning of Constrained Autoencoders for Enhanced Understanding of Data

  50. 3-HBP: A Three-Level Hidden Bayesian Link Prediction Model in Social Networks

  51. Exploring Feature Coupling and Model Coupling for Image Source Identification

  52. Cyberthreats under the Bed

  53. A Practical Public Key Encryption Scheme Based on Learning Parity with Noise

  54. A Network Coding and DES Based Dynamic Encryption Scheme for Moving Target Defense

  55. Caching Encrypted Content Via Stochastic Cache Partitioning

  56. Anomaly Detection and Attribution in Networks With Temporally Correlated Traffic

  57. Finding non equivalent classifiers in Boolean space to reduce TCAM Usage

  58. Personalizing Sample Databases With Facebook Information to Increase Intrinsic Motivation

  59. Secure and Efficient Data Communication Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks

  60. Optimizing Cost for Online Social Networks on Geo-Distributed Clouds

  61. Geographic and opportunistic routing for underwater sensor networks

  62. Efficient Certificate less Access Control for Wireless Body Area networks

  63. Dynamic-Hash-Table Based Public Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage

  64. Secure Multi-Attribute One-to-Many Bilateral Negotiation Framework for E-Commerce

  65. Graph Regularized Feature Selection with Data Reconstruction

  66. Fast and Scalable Range Query Processing With Strong Privacy Protection for Cloud Computing

  67. Mitigating Cross-Site Scripting Attacks with a Content Security Policy

  68. ID2S Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Protocolsa

  69. Detecting Malicious Face book Applications

  70. Group Key Agreement with Local Connectivity

  71. Data Lineage in Malicious Environments

  72. Profiling Online Social Behaviors for Compromised Account Detection

  73. FRoDO Fraud Resilient Device for Off-Line Micro-Payments

  74. Achieving Flatness: Selecting the Honey words from Existing User Passwords

  75. STAMP: Enabling Privacy-Preserving Location Proofs for Mobile Users

  76. Spatial Reusability-Aware Routing in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks

  77. A Stable Approach for Routing Queries in Unstructured P2P Networks

  78. A Shoulder Surfing Resistant Graphical Authentication System

  79. Efficiently Promoting Product Online Outcome: An Iterative Rating Attack Utilizing Product and Marketing Property 

  80. Preventing Distributed Denial-of-Service Flooding Attacks with Dynamic Path Identifiers

  81. A Multilevel Access Control Scheme for Data Security in Transparent Computing

  82. My Privacy My Decision: Control of Photo Sharing on Online Social Networks

  83. NetSpam: A Network-based Spam Detection Framework for Reviews in Online Social Media

  84. Twitter Trends Manipulation: A First Look Inside the Security of Twitter Trending

  85. Privacy-Preserving Utility Verification of the Data Published by Non-interactive Differentially Private Mechanisms 

  86. Distributed Secret Sharing Approach with Cheater Prevention based on QR Code

  87. Detecting and Removing Web Application Vulnerabilities with Static Analysis and Data Mining 

  88. Optimized Search-and-Compute Circuits and Their Application to Query Evaluation on Encrypted Data

  89. Profiling Online Social Behaviors for Compromised Account Detection

  90. Cyber Bullying Detection Based on Semantic-Enhanced Marginalized Denoising Auto-Encoder

  91. ID2S Password Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol

  92. Data Lineage in Malicious Environments

  93. Inference Attack on Browsing History of Twitter Users using Public Click Analytics and Twitter Meta Data

  94. Privacy-Preserving Outsourced Association Rule Mining on Vertically Partitioned Databases

  95. Fast Detection of Transformed Data Leaks

  96. Formal Verification of the xDAuth Protocol

  97. FRoDO: Fraud Resilient Device for Off-line micro-payments

  98. GeTrust: A Guarantee-Based Trust Model in Chord-Based P2P networks

  99. Hidden Cipher Text Policy Attribute Based Encryption under Standard Assumptions

  100. Hierarchical and Shared Access Control

  101. Secure Reversible Image Data Hiding over Encrypted Domain via Key Modulation

  102. Secure Transmission Against Pilot Spoofing Attack: A Two-Way Training-Based Scheme

  103. Measuring the Influence of Perceived Cybercrime Risk on Online Service Avoidance

  104. Shadow Attacks based on Password Reuses: A Quantitative Empirical Analysis

  105. Trust Agent-Based Behavior Induction in Social Networks

  106. Mitigating Denial of Service Attacks in OLSR Protocol Using Fictitious Nodes

  107. Supervised and Unsupervised Aspect Category Detection for Sentiment Analysis with Co-Occurrence Data