Projects Topics & Ideas on MCA

Projects Topics & Ideas on MCA

Get the MCA projects topics and ideas for MCA development with source codes at Parthenium Projects. MCA is an open source and powerful language for web design and  development. We posses the greatest list of MCA projects for students, engineers, and researchers. Also our projects contains contain MCA source codes to help you test and understand application workings.

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Here is the list of all MCA Projects

1. Luggage Import-Export System

2. Android Digi Locker

3. Movie Trailers

4. Smart Village Management System

5. Smart Shop Employee Management

6. OPC Registration

7. Music Instrument System

8. Gym Management System

9. Quick Advertisement

10. Weather predictor

11. Memory leakage

12. Library Book Locator

13. Home Services Project Using Android

14. Information Sharing & Grievance Providing

16. Health Prediction Using Android

17. Android Based Online MLC Voting System

18. Work Force APP

19. Train Passenger Application

20. Someone in Your Contact List Cued Recall-Based Textual Passwords

21. Tracking College Buses

22. Smart Storage Application with Cloud Interface

23. Road Accident Analysis

24. Person Tracking

25. Online Toll Payment System

26. Online Selling and Buying Products

27. MADAM Effective & Efficient Behavior Based Android Malware Detection & Prevention

28. Faculty Information System

29. Color Based Pattern Lock

30. Alerting the Accident Zones by Using Google Maps

31. Agriculture App

32. Postal Delivery Management System

33. Student Profile Management System Using QR Code

34. Development of Municipal Services for Human Welfare by Using Smart Phones

35. Active Authentication on Mobile Devices Via Stylometry Application Usage Web Browsing & GPS Location

36. Android Smart Ticketing Using RFID

37. Task Monitoring with Android App

38. Smart Health Consulter

39. Stock Management System

40. Smart City Traveler with Android

41. Smart Alarm System

42. Self Attendance System Using OTP

43. Restaurant Management System

44. Phone Theft Security with GPS Tracking

45. Online Furniture Shopping Mobile Application Design

46. Music Instrument Store

47. Number Plate Recognizer

48. Monitor Your Child

49. Mobile Vallet with Merchant Payment System

50. Mobile Voting System

51. Genuine Rater for Project Reviews

52. Floating Camera

53. Electricity Bill payment

54. E-judgement System

55. Campus Recruiting System

56. Book Store

57. Book Parking Area Using Android App

58. Blood Bank System

59. Android Crime Reporter and Missing Person Finder

60. Android Tour Guide

61. Jail/Prison Management System

62. Bus Depot Management System

63. Agro-Forestry Management System

64. Zoo Management System

65. Library Book Issue and Return System

66. Patent Record System

67. Flower Bouquet Management System

68. I-Card Generator System

69. Spa Appointment System

70. Student Supervision System

71. Employee Rewarding System

72. Medicate Search Java Project

73. Aadhaar Secure Travel Identity Java Project

74. Development of Computerised Maintenance Management System (Cmms)

75. Integrated Application for Employee

76. I Net Phone Java Project

77. Telecom Management System

78. Hi-Fi Infirmary Portal Java Project

79. Automated Teller Machine ATM Banking System

80. Online Address Book

81. Packet Sniffer Project in Java

82. Online Global Mailing System in Java

83. Dynamic Case Application for Web Music System

84. Loan Approval System

85. Inkblot Password Security System

86. Global Communication

87. Enterprise Scheme Planner and Monitoring

88. Course Management System

89. Chat Application

90. Article Search Engine

91. Online Crime File Management System

92. Online Car Sales System

93. Laboratory Management System

94. Online Toll Payment System

95. On Road vehicle breakdown Assistance Finder

96. E-Learn Center

97. Hostel Seat Booking System

98. Student Result System

99. Online Polling System

100. Online Recruitment System An Java Project

101. Enterprise Scheme Planner And Monitoring

102. Aadhaar Secure Travel Identity Java Project

103. Online Flight Reservation System

104. Online Global Mailing System

105. E-Post Office

106. Error Tracking System

107. Working Women’s Hostel Management System

108. Women Sports

109. Virtual Tourism

110. Vehicle Investigation System

111. Super market management system

112. Student Database Management System

113. Self Appraisal form Project

114. Sales & Inventory Management system

115. Student Project on RESORT

116. Recruitment of Faculty on Account of Superannuation

117. Railway Reservation System

118. Design and Strategies for Online Voting System

119. Providing Services to City Residents with Registered Unorganized Workers

120. Product Support Center

121. Online Leave Sanction

122. Online Food Ordering System

123. Online College Magazine

124. Online Blood Donation System or Blood Bank

125. No Due Management System

126. Milk Dairy Management System

127. Library Management System

128. Hotel Management

129. Hostel Management

130. Hospital Management System

131. Health Care Management Center

132. Handcrafts System Project

133. Hall Ticket

134. Government School Education Development Site

135. Government scheme management system

136. GIS Based Exam Center Allocation

137. MCA Project on Fash net System

138. Farmer Welfare management System

139. Free Project on Event Website System

140. Evaluation of Academic Performance of a Student with Fuzzy Logic

141. Enterprise Resource Information System

142. E-Billing

143. Conference Room Booking

144. Bus Reservation

145. Attendance Management System

146. Anonymous Data sharing and security

147. Student Report on Alumni System Project

148. A Dashboard for Ministry of Food Processing

149. A Secure Data Forwarding in Cloud Storage System Using Threshold Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme

150. Student Feedback System

151. Online Insurance

152. Online Book Cart

153. My Dream for Education

154. Highway Construction

155. Grama Panchayat System

156. Event Feedback Management System

157. ERP for Training Institutes

158. Employee Leave Management System

159. E-Learning

160. College Feedback System

161. City Information System

162. Car Rental System