Road Accident Analysis

Complete project report on Road accident

Road Accident Analysis

Road accident analysis management report in mca are a decades-long scourge with a negative social and economic impact. Greece faces the effects of road accidents by thousands every year. In order to prevent them and reduce their consequences, they need to be systematically analyzed at a macro- and microscopic level. The macroscopic level is served by the data collected by the Traffic Police and which are formatted in database tables by ELSTAT. Complete project report on Road accident analysis system. Click here to get complete MCA projects lists.

At a microscopic level, HIT is the only national body that has been collecting and keeping an accident record in the past 15 years as part of research projects. It has participated in all relevant European projects since 2005. The know-how HIT has developed allows studies to be carried out using methodologies and tools implemented at international level. Complete project report on Road accident analysis system

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