Event Feedback Management System

Event Feedback management system

Event Feedback Management System

Event Feedback system Complete MCA project on Event Feedback management system. report in mca.A special event is an occasion or a form of celebration that could be correlated to different activities that could either be involved with cultural, business, sports, and any other socially engaging activities that usually occurs in a limited timeline (annual or one-time). These huge events are usually held in a public setting but could also be in private (depending on the event organizer). Click here to get complete MCA projects lists.

In order to create effective Event Feedback Forms, one must know the contents to put up with it. The formats may differ, depending on the type of event.However, here are the things you must consider when creating a feedback form. Complete MCA project on Event Feedback management system.

System Configuration:

H/W System Configuration:- 

System          : Pentium I3 Processor.
Hard Disk       : 500 GB.
Monitor          : Standard LED Monitor
Input Devices : Keyboard
Ram               : 4 GB

S/W System Configuration:-

Operating system              : Windows 7/8/10.
Available Coding Language : HTML5, CSS3, PHP
Database                          : MYSQL

Project Name Event Feedback Management System
Project Category MCA
Project Cost 50$/ Rs 2999
Delivery Time 48 Hour
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