Effective Utilization of Bauxite Residue(Red Mud) in Brick Making

Effective Utilization Of Bauxite Residue(Red Mud) In Brick Making

Effective Utilization of Bauxite Residue(Red Mud) in Brick Making


Effective Utilization Of Bauxite Residue(Red Mud) In Brick Making Red mud is a solid residue of bauxite ores digestion with caustic soda for alumina production. Its disposal remains an environmental issue worldwide. A lot of researchers have done extensive work over the past decades to develop various economic ways to use red mud. This paper provides a global review of the comprehensive use of red mud.

In view of the world and Indian context, this paper describes the production and characterization of bauxite and red mud. It reviews comprehensively the methods of disposal and neutralization of red mud and provides a detailed assessment of the work carried out to date for the use of red mud in different fields. With their environmental concerns, the chemical and mineralogical characteristics of red mud are summarized.

Despite its growth, it has certain limitations in terms of environmental concern; therefore, in this alarming situation in the construction industry, this paper vividly describes the need for a drastic change in the use of cements. A bird’s eye view on the use of raw materials is the need for an hour.


Overall, the comprehensive use of red mud generated in the process of alumina industrial production is still a worldwide problem. The capacity of consumption and secondary utilization is seriously insufficient at current levels of technology and practice. Red mud securestockpiling has to see a reduction in stockpiling costs and an improvement in efficiency. So stockpiling is not a fundamental way to solve red mud problems. Only through economic and viable comprehensive use can people effectively solve them in the long term.

As for the recovery of components from red mud, there are many problems for significant increases in recycling process costs and energy consumption, becoming serious impediments to industrial development. Therefore, we need to promote the industrialization of processes of precious metal recovery, optimize complex processes and develop new ones. Although the added value is relatively low, redmud resource utilization is the most widely used way and the most effective way to solve the problem of red mudstockpiling. Red mud can also be used to produce other building materials.