Employee Motivation in it and Banking Sector Between Infosys and SBI

Employee motivation in it -and banking sector between Infosys and SBI

Employee Motivation in it and Banking Sector Between Infosys and SBI


Employee motivation in it and banking sector between Infosys and SBI MBA hr project report Personnel management, motivation and productivity are areas that have occupied the minds of management in Nigeria especially in the private sector. Managers and scholars alike have wondered at the poor attitude to work of employees in the workplace. Therefore it is the organization’s priority to ensure that motivational tools that encourage initiative and stimulates efforts from the employees are put in place for better performance and deliverance of quality service. Workers are the most significant factor in any organization’s success and failure. Motivational factors play an important role in increasing the satisfaction of workers. In addition, happier employees can help to improve the quality of the company. In this study, motivation as one of the most important factors potentially contributing to the performance of employees has been examined in relation to the banking sector. As a result of the study, the most important factors motivating employees are respectively “equitable wage and promotion”, “extended health benefit and other social facilities”, and “working environment”. Another important finding of the study is that “fair wage and promotion” with the highest potential of inspiring workers does not discriminate by demographic characteristics.

Most organizations are resulting in teamwork to improve their organizational performance. However, Employee motivation MBA hr project report is very important to the managers to know whether employee motivation will necessarily lead to improving team performance. Every organization has its motivation drive, in the manufacturing companies in China, for instance, Frimpong identified that the main motivation for their product innovation is a financial reward

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