Bus Depot Management System

Bus depot Management System

Bus Depot Management System

Bus Depot Management System report in mca.A depot is a transport system’s operating base. It provides parking accommodation, servicing and maintenance facilities for vehicles, an administrative function, and facilities for staff. A fully enclosed depot is sometimes referred to as a garage. Student project report on Bus Depot Management System. Click here to get complete MCA projects lists.

An operator may have one depot or several, depending on its fleet size or geographic coverage. Most transport operators have their head offices at one of their depots. Operators with fleets of more than two or three vehicles should have the use of off-street depot facilities. A small operator will normally have facilities for only very basic servicing. The larger the operator, the greater is the scope for carrying out maintenance work in-house at the depot. Student project report on Bus Depot Management System

System Configuration:

H/W System Configuration:- 

System          : Pentium I3 Processor.
Hard Disk       : 500 GB.
Monitor          : Standard LED Monitor
Input Devices : Keyboard
Ram               : 4 GB

S/W System Configuration:-

Operating system              : Windows 7/8/10.
Available Coding Language : HTML5, CSS3, PHP
Database                          : MYSQL

Project Name Bus Depot Management System
Project Category MCA
Project Cost 50$/ Rs 2999
Delivery Time 48 Hour
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