Herbs Shopping

Herbs Shopping

Herbs Shopping

The main aim of Herbs-Shopping System dot net project report Management project is to develop an online portal to sell  herbs by providing the complete information of the products.The life style of today’s generation has become more mechanical.In this busy schedule people are compromising on their health. Free Student Project On Herbs-Shopping System Management.  Click here to get complete Dot Net projects lists.

Very few individuals have time and make effort to inculcate the habit of consuming balance diet. To add on very few are aware about the concept of balance diet. A proper diet is very important for a healthy life. This project helps the users in curing its disease by giving the list of fruits and herbs that the user should consume in order to get rid of its disease. Free Student Project On Herbs-Shopping System Management.

  • The system helps the users to improve their health to a great extent depending on the health issue or the disease that the user is suffering from.
  • The system allows placing order for more than one item.
  • The system also helps to search for the hospitals available depending on the disease entered by the user
  • This system reduces the search time to a great extent.
  • The quality of the fruit or the herb may not be good as the order for them is placed online.

System Configuration:

H/W System Configuration:- 

System          : Pentium I3 Processor.
Hard Disk       : 500 GB.
Monitor          : Standard LED Monitor
Input Devices : Keyboard
Ram               : 4 GB

S/W System Configuration:-

Operating system              : Windows 7/8/10.
Available Coding Language : Dot Net and PHP
Database                          : MYSQL

Project Name Herbs Shopping
Project Category Dot Net
Project Cost 100$/ Rs 7000
Delivery Time 48 Hour
For Support WhatsApp:  +91 9481545735 or Email:     info@partheniumprojects.com