Campus Portal with Graphical Reporting

Campus Portal With Graphical Reporting

 Campus Portal with Graphical Reporting


Campus Portal with Graphical Reporting management in php paper proposes a mobile app architecture that reuses the resources of the existing student information system of educational institutions. The educational institutions have an existing website that interacts with a data store to disseminate information to its stakeholders. The data store and the web resources have been reused for the mobile app.

Web services are developed to fetch information from the data store. The data fetched via web services is presented via appropriate screens. Design of a complete new application requires a lot of effort during development and testing, to come up with a stable product. Reuse of existing infrastructure and software simplifies the task by focusing mainly on the new features and saves cost, time and effort.

A prototype developed for University of Delhi using the proposed architecture is discussed in detail. The architecture enables delivery of individualized information to students on their mobile devices which is accessible anywhere and anytime. This keeps students informed and satisfied. The architecture can be replicated to design mobile app for any organization having a data store.

System Configuration:

H/W System Configuration:-

System               : Pentium Dual Core.

Hard Disk            : 120 GB.

Monitor               : 15’’ LED

Input Devices      : Keyboard, Mouse

Ram                   : 1 GB

S/W System Configuration:-

Operating system        : Windows 7.

Coding Language         : PHP

Tool                            : WAMP

Database                    : MYSQL



Campus Portal with Graphical Reporting management in php .We learnt how proposed system is better than existing system. It is compatible to everyone; our system reduces the physical human efforts. Through proposed system the standard will maintain the particular security and also provides features those are not included in existing system. Proposed system provides a way to maintain records. It provides easy way for interaction between students and all college faculties. Student will improve their interaction skills by using our proposed system.

Proposed system will also help the college to manage their records an save natural resources and job gets done in less time compared to existing system. All the users get the information without delays because of real time use of proposed system. It helps to reach to every student and faculties in the college in very less time.

The data which is stored on database will helps the management to take major decisions on the suggestion and ideas. Proposed system will also help to students to get their queries solved by the answers of other users such as fellow students and respected faculties of the college. Since there will be many users on system we planned to make it secure and spam free using various algorithms.


Name of the Project   : Campus Portal with Graphical Reporting management in php

Project Cost                : $ 50

Delivery Time             :  Within 48 hours

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