Stabilization of Soft Soils Using Industrial Wastes

Stabilization Of Soft Soils Using Industrial Wastes

Stabilization of Soft Soils Using Industrial Wastes


The main Stabilization Of Soft Soils Using Industrial Wastes objective of soil stabilization is to increase the bearing capacity of clay soil, it is resistance to weathering process and soil permeability. Any construction project’s long-term performance depends on the soundness of the underlying soils. Unstable clay soils can create significant pavement or structure problems.

The disposal of these waste materials is essential as they cause hazardous effects on the environment. Marginal soils are not adequate materials for construction projects, including loose sands, soft clays and organics. These marginal soils have no valuable physical properties for construction applications. Typically, the remediation methods for this weak subgrade such as removing the soil and changing to the new one are costly.

Waste materials such as industrial waste sand, bottom sand offer a cheaper method of stabilizing marginal soils. Changes in soil’s engineering properties. The addition of these waste materials has been studied and recommendations on the implementation of these effects in construction applications have been made.


From the Stabilization Of Soft Soils Using Industrial Wastes civil project report study it is observed that there is an appreciable improvement in the optimum moisture content and maximum dry density for the soil treated with industrial waste. In terms of material cost, the use of less costly Admixtures can reduce the required amount of industrial waste. Soils had the greatest improvement with all soils becoming nonplastic with the addition of sufficient amounts of industrial waste.

The study after conducting several experiments revealed the following significances in using lime and industrial waste as a stabilizing agent. The addition of lime and industrial waste mixes to sub base increases the unconfined compressive strength value more than that by ordinary methods. The sub base stabilization with lime and industrial waste mixes improves the strength behaviour of sub base. It can potentially reduce ground improvement costs by adopting this method of stabilization.