Online Health Care Management System in PHP

E Health Care Management System 

Online Health Care Management System in PHP


E Health Care Management System java project report As an emerging form of enabling technology, Web-based e-Health portals provide patients easier accesses to their healthcare information and services. We design and implement such an e-Health portal which can integrate many back end medical services effectively. A major challenge in designing such a system is to meet critical security requirements, such as the confidentiality of patient data, the integrity of diagnosis results, and the availability of healthcare services.

In this Online health care Management system in php thesis I address the issue from the access control perspective. More specifically, I first propose a two-tier approach to access control for e-Health portals. The approach supplements existing Role Based Access Control (RBAC) capabilities with a rule-based access control module based on the classical Flexible Authorization Framework (FAF) model. I study conflict resolution and interaction between the two modules. I also address authentication for real-time services provided by remote service providers.

System Configuration:

H/W System Configuration:-

System          :I3 Processor.

Hard Disk       : 500 GB.

Monitor          : 15’’ LED

Input Devices : Keyboard,

Mouse Ram    : 4 GB

S/W System Configuration:-

Operating system    : Windows 7/UBUNTU.

Coding Language     : Java 1.7 ,Hadoop 0.8.1

IDE                        : Eclipse

Database                : MYSQL



E Health Care Management System java project report Traditional designs of software systems failed to meet the requirements of our system. We thus based our design upon a service-oriented architecture that can satisfy the stated functional requirements. Our e-Health portals can integrate different medical services and applications. In our prototype system, real-time ECG monitoring service, BP monitoring service, EPR system and Tele consultation service have been implemented and integrated into our e-Health portal. We also pointed out limitations found in the access control module of many off-the-shelf software components. Our solution was based on a two-tier access control architecture that integrated existing RBAC modules with a rule-based access control extension. This design inherited the advantages of both models and was cost-efficient. We also indicated and proposed solutions for the inconsistency issue within the two-tier model, the predicate attribute naming inconsistent issue, and the restricted attribute issue in applying our model to a federation environment.


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