A Study of Performance Management in Bharti Airtel

A Study of Performance Management in Bharti Airtel 

A Study of Performance Management in Bharti Airtel


The research A Study of Performance Management in Bharti Airtel mba hr Project report would measure & evaluate the effective performance on the basis of employee’s overall awareness. When developing KRAs at the performance planning discussion, both task-related KRAs and competency related KRAs will be identified for each employee. However task related KRAs have been assigned a weight of 60% whereas competency related KRAs accounts only for 40%. The total number of KRAs cannot exceed 10. Both financial, nonfinancial targets and measures related to process improvement will be taken care of by task related KRAs. Competency related KRAs will include measures related to self/subordinate improvement and customer/employee satisfaction. (Bhatia & Jain, 2012)

Giving 60% (more than half) weight to task related KRAs shows that the company is more concerned about results than the behavior and which is evident in the culture of the organization as results orientation is mentioned as one of the key aspects of the culture of the organization. However including cultural aspects such as collaborative teamwork and customer centricity shows that behavior is also taken into consideration when evaluating results.

Name of the Project   : A Detail Study on Selection and Recruitment Process

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