Leaders Vs Managers – Myths & Reality – A Case Study

Leaders Vs Managers - myths & reality - A case study

Leaders Vs Managers – Myths & Reality – A Case Study


This project report aims at understanding the most vital aspect of leaders and managers in their day to day work. Today every organization is into some kind of goods, idea or services. Leadership and management are simply roles. Anyone in business who fills just one role and not the other will fail spectacularly. Not knowing when each role is appropriate will also stifle an executive’s career.The Leaders Vs Managers Myths and Reality – A case study mba hr project report debate has mushroomed, infesting every corner of the business media.

Sadly, the debate has devolved into a polarised view of leaders as empowering saints and managers as scheming narcissists. This is not only wrong, it is harmful.Role definitions are quite subjective. In this case it makes no sense to define the roles in a vacuum. A better route is to define the potential issues, then the role definitions will resolve themselves.On occasion a business will face an inflection point, an opportunity or a challenge that needs to be met in a manner that is not normal for the business. This requires a change not only in mindset but in other facets including authority levels, risk tolerance and resource expenditure. Call this the change state.

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