Ten Skills to Learn During Lockdown


Are you done watching your favorite TV shows, reading your favorite novels, and still feeling bored during your weekends? Well, it’s time to collect some skills during this lockdown. Learn something new and add it to your skill list.

There are certain things you can dedicate yourself to the extra time in hand. For example, you can improve your culinary skills, learn a new language, or even start dancing lessons. You will be surprised to learn the number of things you can master from free tutorials on Google.

In addition to that, if you are a student or a working professional, there are freelance job opportunities that can get you to earn some extra money.

Below is a list of skills you can master this lockdown if you haven’t yet!

1. Become a Blogger

The easiest way you can make an extra income without anybody’s help is by starting a blog. Today with the advent of technology, blogging is more than a hobby. Famous bloggers like Pat Flynn and Jon Morrow earn a lot through their blogs.

The best part about being a blogger is that you do not need any coding skills. You can become professional by reading additional information on “ how to start a blog”, “continue a blog” and “how to monetize a blog” available on Google.

Each of these blogs takes 2 to 5 minutes of reading time. Even if you are a newbie, blogging will not need much effort to kickstart. However, you need to learn a few tricks to be a good blogger in the long run.

2. Foreign Language

Remember the old school saying – knowledge is wealth? Foreign languages can make you stand out from the queue. If you are a working professional, it is an added advantage to list a foreign language on your CV. Start by picking up the local lingo.

Various applications help you learn a language for about 10 minutes a day. From mastering German, Latin, French, and Spanish – there are additional 30 languages on applications to help you improve your ability to listen, read, and learn.

3. Learn a New Instrument

Are you fond of collecting musical instruments? Do you have a knack for playing a new instrument every time you come across one? Surprisingly, instruments help impress people.

The process of learning a new instrument is a rewarding one. First, begin with nailing the basics. If you have an old guitar, start watching the tutorials that come up for free demo videos. Once you have mustered it, buy the instrument of your dream, and keep learning.

4. Develop the Culinary Art

Have you been eating more in the lockdown than you did? Make sure what you eat is healthy. Cook for yourself and learn healthy food recipes. You don’t have to go buy a cookbook for healthy dishes.

There are many videos available to guide you through the process. You can begin simple and steadily learn more complex recipes.

5. Photography

You do not need to buy an expensive DSLR to capture captivating photographs. A few photography tricks is all you need. If you have a smartphone at your disposal, get it under your grip and start flaunting your photography skills. Learn to create videos by combining photographs with InVideo. This software comes with several options to edit your photos and transform them into an attractive video.

If you wish to learn more about photo editing, video making, and photography, there are various courses available on platforms like Coursera, which can give you a headstart on photography and its associated skills to give your photos a professional look.

6. Coding

Ever felt that coders and developers earn way better than any other employee? Coders have their way to the top just by learning smart coding languages. After the coronavirus pandemic is over, coding will remain one of the highest employable skills desired by an organization.

Businesses surviving the current crisis will need coders to carry on the prospects. The demand for professional developers will never decrease. Learn from the free courses first and check if you can retain them. Once you are done nailing the basics, learn advanced coding from professional institutions available online.

7. Marketing Skills

Companies pay a handsome salary to those who are skilled in coding and marketing. Marketing enables an organization to increase its online and offline presence. The effect revenue like no other stream.

The demand for digital marketing and social media marketing has already reached the top of the ladder. It is expanding exponentially and there are no signs of inflation in this domain. This article is a good point to start with.

Companies have already started taking their businesses online. Marketing skills will help you channelize your way into website development, SEO practices, and social media promotions.

8. Art and Craft

If you plan to expand your entrepreneurial skills within a budget, origami can be the best choice for you. Not only is it productive, but it will also fill your day with creativity.

Various online resources can help you learn more than 100 models just by using paper. Origami will help you get productive, with objects to brighten up your day and master skills while you relax from the comfort of your home.

9. Drawing

With online tutorials in abundance, painting and drawing can take your mind off the cuff and get your hands on a canvas.

It will undoubtedly fill your day with colors. Even if you are a newbie, you can learn the nuances of painting and drawing. With demo videos on the internet, fill your day with watercolors, oil paint, strokes of sketches, and canvases.

10. Freelancing

What is freelancing? Getting value for your skills without being a full-time employee. That’s right. Are you good at writing? Do you have a studio full of paintings?

Have you studied video editing? This lockdown can help you show off your skills to the world and make money out of it. There are hundreds of freelancing sites on the internet that can help list your skill as one.


All of the aforementioned skills are doable and help you deal with the quarantine blues. All you need to do is invest your time in hand and start doing what the tutorials direct. Start practicing today.