Study on Virtual Project Management

Study on Virtual Project Management

Study on Virtual Project Management


In this Study on Virtual Project Management, we will examine the communication processes engaged in by virtual project teams and their management.  In this study, we began with an initial conceptual framework suggested by the literature, but it was iteratively refined as patterns emerged from collecting and analyzing the data. The foundational literature included research streams in the areas of group development, group communication, and project management. The digital management team consisted of the study engaged researchers. The responsibility for delivering the project results was assigned to the project teams, while the overall responsibility for overseeing the database plan and the project teams was entrusted to the management team. As mentioned below, the digital communications of the project teams are recorded, qualitatively interpreted, coded, and quantified. A study on the debriefing of the end of the project focused on open-ended questions offered additional qualitative data. Based on the final group ratings, high and low-performing teams are established.

The main mission of the team is to make decisions through interdependent specialists and perspectives. In Study On Virtual Project Management terms of its use and application, the virtual project team is a difficult challenge for Jordan corporations. This study aims to explore such applications and to detect which factors face virtual project teams in the Jordanian situation. The main objective was to identify the effects of all factors on the efficiency of virtual teams.

Name of the Project   : Virtual Project Management

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