Software Project Management: Opportunities and Challenges 

Software Project Management: opportunities and challenges 

Software Project Management: Opportunities and Challenges 


Software Project Management Opportunities and Challenges MBA project management, we analyze about software project management of opportunities which contains planning of the project, deciding the scope of a product, estimation of cost in various terms, scheduling of tasks and events, and resource management. Project management activities may also include Project planning, scope management and estimation of the project. 

Information system development is a huge and extreme investment project for an organization seeking a competitive advantage edge in this dynamic global market. In order to survive in this market, many organizations develop an information system to enhance efficiency and profitability. Taking the decision to development IS can hold the promise of big gains and rewards both to the IT department and the organization management. However, the risk involves in such a project is enormous and huge to both parties too. Therefore, it becomes imperative to consider project management guidelines and a checklist for successful ISD projects. The most important thing is that the underlying technology evolves and progresses so often and rapidly that one product’s expertise may not be extended to the other. All these market and environmental constraints involve risk in the production of technology, so it is important to manage software projects effectively.


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