Projects Topics & Ideas on Microbiology

Projects Topics & Ideas on Microbiology

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Here is the list of all Microbiology

  1. Examination of Jollof Rice Served in Hotels for Pathogenic Organisms

  2. Time Series Analysis on the Total Number of Patients Treated for Malaria Fever

  3. Comparative Analysis of Pipe Borne Water and Other Sources of Water within Enugu Metropolis for Human Consumption

  4. Effect of Different Carbon Sources on the Growth of Antimicrobial Producing Bacillus Species in Citrullus Vulgaris

  5. Isolation and Identification of Bacteria from Food Vendors and Some Vegetable

  6. Parasitological Examination of Some Ready to Eat Fruits Sold

  7. Prevalence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Gram Negative Bacteria in the Urine

  8. The Role of Television in the Campaign for Women Political Empowerment

  9. Using Palynomorphs (Pollens And Spores) to Biostratigraphic Zonation

  10. Proximate and Fiber Analysis of Multi Nutrient Feed Block Made with Pineapple Pulp

  11. Mycoflora of Stored Locust Beans (Parkia Biglobosa) Purchased from Uselu Market

  12. Determination of Degrading Ability of Fungi Isolated from Hydrocarbon Polluted Soil on Crude Oil Using Gas Chromatography

  13. Antibiogram and Microbial Carriage of Campus Shuttle Door Handles

  14. Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Parasites of Chickens

  15. Microbiological Assessment of Indoor and Outdoor Air of Faith Mediplex Hospital

  16. Bacteriological Analysis of Water Tanks In Halls of Residence

  17. Antimicrobial and Phytochemical Properties of Young Cocos Nucifera(Coconut) Water

  18. Microbial Contamination of Yogurt

  19. The Effect of Weight on Blood Pressure of Hypertensive Patients

  20. Antibiotic Resistance Profile of Escherichia Coli Isolate from Apparently Healthy Domestic Livestock

  21. Isolation and Identification of Microorganism in Stream Water

  22. Isolation and Identification of Air Microflora in Microbiology Laboratory

  23. Economic Assessment of Some Methods Adopted in Yogurt Production

  24. Bacterial Colonization on Human Skin

  25. Fungal Colonization on Human Body Surfaces

  26. The Antibacterial Activity of Three Type of Medicate Soap on Staphylococcus Aureus Isolated from Wound Infections

  27. Bacteriological Examination of Idodo River

  28. Effect of Pesticides Dichlorodiphenyl Trichloromethane (D.D.Y) and Benzene Hexachloride (Bhc) on the Microflora

  29. Maize Adjunct in Sorghum Beer Brewing

  30. In Vitro Determination of Bactericidal Effect of Garlic on Staphylococcus Aureus