IOT Based River Water Quality

IOT based River Water quality 

IOT Based River Water Quality

Abstract of IoT Based River Water Quality

IoT Based River Water Quality System Project Report

IoT Based River Water Quality System Project Report. we present the design of IOT based water quality monitoring system that monitor the quality of water in real time.  This system consists some sensors which measure the water quality parameter such as pH, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature. The measured values from the sensors are processed by microcontroller and this processed values are transmitted remotely to the core controller that is raspberry pi using Zigbee protocol. Finally, sensors data can view on internet browser application using cloud computing.IoT Based River Water Quality

With rapidly rising population in India, Fresh Water Management is very much essential which demands an increase in agricultural, industrial and other requirements. IoT Based River Water Quality

System Configuration

H/W System Configuration
Speed                   : 1.1 GHz
RAM                      : 256 MB(min)
Hard Disk              : 20 GB
Floppy Drive          : 1.44 MB
Key Board             : Standard Windows Keyboard
Mouse                  : Two or Three Button Mouse
Monitor                : SVGA
S/W System Configuration

Platform                     :  IOT

Operating system       : Windows Xp,7,
Server                       : WAMP/Apache
Working on                : Browser Like Firefox, IE



Water Quality Monitoring is very much needed as it is consumed by residents. Traditional water Quality monitoring and some f the technology based Water Quality got lot of challenges. In addition there is no intelligence in existing water Quality Monitoring for analysis and prediction. Now with the advent of Machine to Machine communication(M2M) which involves devices to communicate among themselves in taking action and this can be deployed over large geographical area compared to small area as seen in previous system. So accordingly we here have developed an Intelligent IoT based Water Quality Monitoring system which is based on M2M. The system here receives the input to microcontroller where PH and TDS connected.