Physico-Chemical Analysis of Thunga Bhadra River

Physico-chemical analysis of Thunga Bhadra River

Physico-Chemical Analysis of Thunga Bhadra River


Physico-chemical analysis of Thunga Bhadra River A systematic study has been carried out to assess the water quality index of Tungabhadra River in and around Kurnool District. Water samples from five sampling stations were collected during premonsoon and post monsoon seasons in the year April 2013and March-2014 and analyzed for physico-chemical parameters like pH, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, total hardness, total alkalinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride, Nitrates, Sulphate, fluoride. The observed values of different physico-chemical parameters were compared with standard values recommended by world health organization(WHO).

The study revealed that due to discharge of untreated sewage into the Tungabhadra, the water quality of Tungabhadra has been severely deteriorated and the potable nature of water is being lost.


From the present study we conclude that Thungabadhra water is most probably not fit for drinking at sample collection sites and its need to be treated to reduce the contaminations specially the alkalinity and hardness. To minimize the contamination of Tungabhadra water at Kurnool city the values obtained had their significance level will help in selecting the proper experimental method used for treatment of water.