Major Domestic Tourism Companies in India

Major Domestic Tourism Companies in India

Major Domestic Tourism Companies in India


Major Domestic tourism MBA tours and travels project report is one of the major engines of economic growth and development for many regions and states of India.  Domestic tourism can also act as one of the channels to reduce inter-regional inequality through the spending pattern and multiplier effect generated across the regions. For example, low income and growth regions can get the spillover effect of high growth regions through the development of domestic tourism. Tourism Department is an old player in India’s tourism industry. The new players are young and successful in this industry. This is the main reason behind the study of this topic. In this study, an attempt is made to get answers to the questions as to why these private tourism operators are so successful, mostly online. Tourism is an activity involving the movement of people from one place to another, whether on vacation within or outside the country, working or doing business, visiting families and relatives, or any other purpose for a certain period of time.
Further, with the growing economy and increasing income and spending of Indians, domestic tourism is considered one of the booming activities 2with the potential to create huge employment opportunities 3 and contribute to regional development. Tourism appeared as a clean industry associated with a higher economic multiplier as a service sector. 

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