Interlinking of Rivers

Interlinking of Rivers

Interlinking of Rivers


The Interlinking of Rivers in India are truly speaking not only life-line of masses but also for wild-life. The rivers play a vital role in the lives of the Indian people. The river systems help us in irrigation, potable water, cheap transportation, electricity as well as a source of livelihood for our ever increasing population. Some of the major cities of India are situated at the banks of holy rivers. Proper management of river water is the need of the hour. Indian agriculture largely depends upon Monsoon which is always uncertain in nature. Hence, there is a severe problem of lack of irrigation in one region and water logging in others.

Damage to crops due to drought and pitiable drainage facility could be managed. Depleting and decreasing status of water resources may be one of the most critical resource issues of the 21st century. The core objectives of the paper are to study issues and challenges in interlinking of rivers in India and to study environmental impact of Inter-River Linking Project (IRL). At the backdrop of this, the present paper is an attempt to study issues and challenges in interlinking of rivers in India from the point of view of society at large.


Successful implementation of this project largely looms upon timely release of water from the surplus basin to the deficit basin. The Government of India has constituted a task force to examine the project, comprised of experts from science, engineering, economics, and social sciences and including as official stakeholders one member from a water deficit state and one member from a water surplus state.

It will address the following broad issues: provide guidance for norms of appraisal of individual projects vis-à-vis their economic viability, socio-economic impacts, environmental impacts, and preparation of resettlement plans; develop a mechanism for speedy consensus amongst states; prioritize different projects; propose organizational structures for implementing the project; consider funding modalities for the project; and consider the international ramifications of the project.