Development of an IT Project Team – An Overview

Development Of An I.T Project Team - An Overview

Development of an IT Project Team – An Overview


Development Of An IT Project Team MBA project management The process of developing a project team is an activity that allows improving internal and external interactions of team members, developing their competencies and skills, and optimizing the overall team environment for the purpose of enhancing project performance. Usually, project teams are only used for a defined period of time. The project team development process is an activity that enables team members to improve internal and external interactions, develop their skills and competencies, and optimize the overall team environment for project performance enhancement purposes. The project team development process is associated with teamwork management taking into account all factors of team building such as cultural diversity, team climate, and global environment. Teamwork management and team building should be organized and implemented throughout the entire project life-cycle in the context of clear and timely communication between team members.

People have been undertaking projects since the earliest days of organized human activity. Due to the nature of the specific formation and disbandment, project teams are usually in organizations. The scope of the study also covers the process of team development in order to understand their project roles and responsibilities. The application is designed to fill the gap left by the diminished qualities of the sense of hearing or seeing as well as memory loss and incomprehensible speech that come with old age.

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