Computer Vision Enabled for Customer Support and Feedback

Computer Vision Enabled for Customer Support and Feedback

Computer Vision Enabled for Customer Support and Feedback


We often visit the restaurants and order the food we want to eat and have them happily. Every time when we need to order some other items we need to look here and there for the waiters we need to call them and order the food we want. Sometimes the waiters may not be available there or they may not see us. in such cases, we need to wait for a long time. In order to overcome this scenario, we can make the restaurants smart. 

Computer Vision Enabled For Customer Support And Feedback System hasseveral application domains which will be impacted by the emerging Internet of Things. The applications can be classified based on the type of network availability, coverage, scale, heterogeneity, repeat-ability, user involvement and impact . We categorize the applications into four application domains:

(1) Personal and Home;

(2) Enterprise;

(3) Utilities; and

4) Mobile.

Enterprise IoT at the scale of a community, Utility IoT at a national or regional scale. Mobile IoT which is usually spread across other domains mainly due to the nature of connectivity and scale. There is a huge crossover in applications and the use of data between domains. Personal and Home IoT produces electricity usage data in the house and makes it available to the electricity company. Which can in turn optimize the supply and demand in the Utility IoT. 

A multimedia-aware cloud combined with the multi-agent systems can help design prodigious multimedia services and applications. As compared to IoT, the realization of IoMT rather has some additional challenges and stringent requirements. The current task group activities for IoT do not mandate the features of multimedia things, thus leaving a gap to benefit from IoMT paradigm.