Crop Growth Analysis Using Image Depth Processing for Agriculture

Crop Growth Analysis using Image Depth Processing for Agriculture

Crop Growth Analysis Using Image Depth Processing for Agriculture

Abstract  of IoT Project on Crop Growth Using Image Depth Processing For Agriculture

Crop Growth Analysis Using Image Depth Processing for Agriculture,Machine learning has emerged with big data technologies and high-performance computing to create new opportunities for data intensive science in the multi-disciplinary agri-technologies domain. In this paper, we present a comprehensive review of research dedicated to applications of machine learning in agricultural production systems. The works analyzed were categorized in (a) crop management, including applications on yield prediction, disease detection, weed detection crop quality, and species recognition; (b) livestock management, including applications on animal welfare and livestock production; (c) water management; and (d) soil management. The filtering and classification of the presented articles demonstrate how agriculture will benefit from machine learning technologies. By applying machine learning to sensor data, farm management systems are evolving into real time artificial intelligence enabled programs that provide rich recommendations and insights for farmer decision support and action.

Agriculture plays a critical role in the global economy. Pressure on the agricultural system will increase with the continuing expansion of the human population. Agri-technology and precision farming, now also termed digital agriculture, have arisen as new scientific fields that use data intense approaches to drive agricultural productivity while minimizing its environmental impact. 

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RAM                      : 256 MB(min)
Hard Disk              : 20 GB
Floppy Drive          : 1.44 MB
Key Board             : Standard Windows Keyboard
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