Assistant for famous City Using IBM Watson

Assistant for famous City using IBM Watson

Assistant for famous City Using IBM Watson


Assistant For Famous City Using IBM Watson IoT Platform is a fully managed. Cloud-hosted service on IBM Bluemix designed to simplify. Internet of Things development so you can derive more value from your IoT data. As more and more devices connect together to form the IoT, the volume of data is expanding at an exponential rate.

Ramoji Film city is really a big place to visit it has many things inside it. It would take nearly one day to visit each and every place inside that film city. We may not have any idea about those places which are inside any selected city. Generally, there will be guides who tell us about everything but sometimes every one may not understand what the guide is telling. 

Smart Cities concern a variety of domains such as information, data, energy, transport,health, etc. The ‘Information Age’, which shifts from the Industrial Revolution to information computerization, accesses to large volumes of data explored by sophisticated computer based analytics.

ICT solutions interconnect businesses and customers through the cloud while driving the global economy and development of Smart Cities.  The services of Watson cognitive computing system enable Pepper to process unstructured information and interact with humans.

The results also contain use cases of the functionality of Watson-powered Pepper, which could be further implemented for public services. Smart Cities present the core concept of Smarter Planet vision of IBM. 

Specific use scenarios are considered for public services, commercial use, and home use. The approach aims at providing alternative means to enhance living experience instead of replacing human force. These is may improve understanding of Smart Cities from a technical perspective. Moreover, it indicates that Cognitive Computing could help to process information for public services.