Automated Payroll with GPS Tracking

Automated Payroll With GPS Tracking

Automated Payroll with GPS Tracking

This Automated Payroll With GPS Tracking system on Dot Net Project is a combination of web as well as android application where the user will be using the android application and admin as well as HR will work with web application. This Automated Payroll With GPS Tracking system  on Dot Net Project application is meant for field work users. Click here to get complete Dot Net projects lists.

The user will have this application in his android phone, when the user will login to the system his image will be captured and his GPS location will be send to the admin where admin will view image and GPS location in web application. This application has registration module where client can register them self utilizing their name, telephone no, email id, and password.


Automated Payroll With GPS Tracking dot net project report,The goal of this review paper was to a desktop based payroll system using .Net, SQL and MS-Access. This automated payroll system calculates, maintains and records the payroll Information of the employees. This application will help to automate payroll system of an organization. The administrator of particular organization will have the full control to completely customize the payroll system because there is only one person who is authorized that is admin of the organization will be able to login and logout into the system.

System Configuration:

H/W System Configuration:- 

System          : Pentium I3 Processor.
Hard Disk       : 500 GB.
Monitor          : Standard LED Monitor
Input Devices : Keyboard
Ram               : 4 GB

S/W System Configuration:-

Operating system              : Windows 7/8/10.
Available Coding Language : Dot Net and PHP
Database                          : MYSQL

Project Name Automated Payroll with GPS Tracking
Project Category Dot Net
Project Cost 65$/ Rs 4999
Delivery Time 48 Hour
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