Smart Bill Boards Using IBM Watson Project

Smart Bill Boards using IBM Watson Project

Smart Bill Boards Using IBM Watson Project


The use of Smart Bill Boards Using IBM Watson Project Report has widely increased these days. The applications that can be developed using these smart boards have been increasing day-by-day. Smart billboards can also target motorists on the highway or pedestrians passing bus shelters. Companies can attract the customers by doing advertisements. These smart billboards will help them in attracting their customers and make their task easier. In this, we can upload the required data on the billboard simply by giving inputs through a user interface. And we can check the lamps working status which is connected to billboard through the UI.

The billboard is a medium that may bring nostalgic memories to most people driving on the road .Today and while the 10-year version of the billboard may not be recognizable to those who know it today. There is huge potential for the quality of deliverability and content in the future. 

Perceived mostly as an advertising vehicle, there is opportunity for the billboard industry to alter methods of medium engagement that can balance the duties of privacy protection, providing meaningful information to those who care, and keeping the technology as exciting and intriguing as possible to the receiving community. Strategically placed within high-trafficked areas, billboards serve many
purposes, namely to:

  • Communicate and disseminate information
  • Provoke thoughts and ideas
  • Raise awareness
  • Provide a platform for visual expression

The rollout of digital smart billboards is far from uniform. There are significant safety issues. There are significant privacy issues that are still out there.

Smart billboards can also target motorists on the highway or pedestrians passing bus shelters by picking up cellular or mobile signatures, Wi-Fi signals or even beaconing given off by certain apps.

System Configuration

H/W System Configuration

Speed                   : 1.1 GHz
RAM                      : 256 MB(min)
Hard Disk              : 20 GB
Floppy Drive          : 1.44 MB
Key Board             : Standard Windows Keyboard
Mouse                  : Two or Three Button Mouse
Monitor                : SVGA
S/W System Configuration
Platform                     :  IOT
Operating system       : Windows Xp,7,
Server                       : WAMP/Apache
Working on                : Browser Like Firefox, IE