Smart Home Automation Using IBM Watson Project

Smart Home Automation using IBM Watson Project

Smart Home Automation Using IBM Watson Project

Abstract of  Smart Home Automation Using IBM Watson Project

Smart Home Automation Using IBM Watson Project concept in the system improves the standard living at home. Home appliances are connected to the main control board. And these appliances are controlled through User Interface using Wi-Fi communication through MQTT protocol. By integrating sensors we can monitor the weather parameters of the home and by using flame sensor we can detect the fire accidents in the kitchen.


This low cost system with minimum requirements takes care of both home security as well as home automation
To operate home security system the user need not have data connection enabled in his phone. 

System Configuration

H/W System Configuration

Speed                   : 1.1 GHz
RAM                      : 256 MB(min)
Hard Disk              : 20 GB
Floppy Drive          : 1.44 MB
Key Board             : Standard Windows Keyboard
Mouse                  : Two or Three Button Mouse
Monitor                : SVGA
S/W System Configuration
Platform                     :  IOT
Operating system       : Windows Xp,7,
Server                       : WAMP/Apache
Working on                : Browser Like Firefox, IE


This  proposed Smart Home Automation Using IBM Watson Project system provides many advantages including, safety, security, improved comfort, energy and cost savings. In order to address the issues of flexibility and functionality, a novel, standalone, flexible and low cost, home controlling and monitoring system using Web services as an interoperable layer for communicating between the remotely present user and the home devices, have been designed. Performed research has shown that by using the Raspberry Pi and open source software it is possible to programmatically control many devices in a home in such a way that user can create his/her own solution customized to meet his/her individual needs.