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Score Board-Cricket

Score Board-Cricket management report in php Winning is the goal of any sport. Cricket is one the most watched sport now a days. Winning in Cricket depends on various factors like home crowd advantage, performances in the past, experience in the match, performance at the specific venue, performance against the specific team and the current form of the team and the player. During the past few years lot of work and research papers have been published which measure the player performance and their winning predictions. In this work a model has been proposed that has two methods, first predicts the score of first innings not only on the basis of current run rate but also considers number of wickets fallen, venue of the match and batting team. The second method predicts the outcome of the match in the second innings considering the same attributes as of the former method along with the target given to the batting team. These two methods have been implemented using Linear Regression Classifier or Q-Learning base decision tree approach and Naïve Bayes Classifier for first innings and second innings respectively.This is one of the Best student project on the Score Board-Cricket application. You can Download Best student php project and source code on Score Board-Cricket application. Click here to get complete php projects lists.
In both methods, 5 over intervals have been made from 50 overs of the match and at each interval above mentioned attributes have been recorded of all non-curtailed matches played between 2002 and 2014 of every team independently. Base on the proposed algorithms we will implement the current research work. We first design the simulation with the consistence input dataset.  You can get source code of php project on Score Board-Cricket application easily. The intermediate process will  learn input parameters and then predict the output, it should be reward as well penalty. The system having the ability to predict the first batting score using historical trained data, we will use N to denote the total number of matches in the training dataset. Recall, n denotes the segment up to which match state is known. The first feature is calculated by dividing the total runs scored by the given team across the number of matches it played. You can download php project on Score Board-Cricket application easily.

System Configuration:

H/W System Configuration:- 

System          : Pentium I3 Processor.
Hard Disk       : 500 GB.
Monitor          : Standard LED Monitor
Input Devices : Keyboard
Ram               : 4 GB

S/W System Configuration:-

Operating system              : Windows 7/8/10.
Available Coding Language : HTML5, CSS3, PHP
Database                          : MYSQL

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