Protection of Big Data Privacy

Protection of Big Data Privacy

Protection of Big Data Privacy


Protection of Big Data Privacy big data project report In recent years big data has become a hot research topic. The increasing amount of big data also increases the chance of breaching the privacy of individuals. Since big data requires high computational power and large storage, distributed systems are used. As multiple parties are involved in these systems, the risk of privacy violation is increased. There has been a number of privacy-preserving mechanisms developed for privacy protection at different stages (e.g., data generation, data storage, and data processing) of a big data life cycle.

The goal of this paper is to provide a comprehensive overview of the privacy preservation mechanisms in big data and present the challenges for existing mechanisms. Specifically, in this paper we illustrate the infrastructure of big data and the state-of-the-art privacy-preserving mechanisms in each stage of the big data life cycle. Furthermore, we discuss the challenges and future research directions related to privacy preservation in big data.


System Configuration:

H/W System Configuration:-

System             : I3 Processor.

Hard Disk          : 500 GB.

Monitor             : 15’’ LED

Input Devices    : Keyboard, Mouse

Ram                 : 4 GB

S/W System Configuration:-

Operating system    : Windows 7/UBUNTU.

Coding Language     : Java 1.7 ,Hadoop 0.8.1

IDE                        : Eclipse

Database                : MYSQL


Protection of Big Data Privacy paper reviewed several security and privacy issues on big data in the cloud. It described several big data and cloud computing key concepts such as virtualization, and containers. We also discussed several security challenges that are raised by existing or forthcoming privacy legislation, such as the EU DPD and the HIPAA.


Name of the Project   : Protection of Big Data Privacy

Project Cost                : $ 50

Delivery Time             :  Within 48 hours

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