Projects Topics & Ideas on Big Data

Projects Topics & Ideas on Big Data

Get the Big Data projects topics and ideas for Big Data development with source codes at Parthenium Projects. Big Data is an open source and powerful language for web design and  development. We posses the greatest list of Big Data projects for students, engineers, and researchers. Also our projects contains contain Big Data source codes to help you test and understand application workings.

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Here is the list of all Big Data

  1. A Novel Mechanism for Fast Detection of Transformed Data Leakage

2. Protection of Big Data Privacy

3. On Traffic-Aware Partition and Aggregation in Map Reduce for Big Data Applications

4. The SP Theory of Intelligence: Distinctive Features and Advantages

5. A Parallel Patient Treatment Time Prediction Algorithm and its Applications in Hospital Queuing-Recommendation in a Big Data Environment

6. Online Product Quantization

7. Fuzzy Bag-of-Words Model for Document Representation

8. Large-Scale Multimodality Attribute Reduction With Multi-Kernel Fuzzy Rough Sets

9. A Secure and Verifiable Access Control Scheme for Big Data Storage in Clouds

10. Question Quality Analysis and Prediction in Community Question Answering Services with Coupled Mutual Reinforcement

11. Emotion Recognition on Twitter: Comparative Study and Training a Unison Model

12. Hierarchy-Cutting Model Based Association Semantic for Analyzing Domain Topic on the Web

13. Serendipitous Recommendation in E-Commerce Using Innovator-Based Collaborative Filtering

14. User-Centric Similarity Search

15. Practical Privacy-Preserving Map Reduce Based K-means Clustering over Large-scale Dataset

16. Application-Aware Big Data Deduplication in Cloud Environment

17. FiDoop-DP: Data Partitioning in Frequent Itemset Mining on Hadoop Clusters

18. Efficient Processing of Skyline Queries Using MapReduce

19. Review Spam Detection Using Machine Learning

20. Social Q&A: An Online Social Network Based Question and Answer System

21. Privacy-Preserving Data Encryption Strategy for Big Data in Mobile Cloud Computing