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Personal Counselling

Personal Counselling

Personal Counselling management report in PHP. Given the current global trend of mimicking real life situations into digital counselling games and its related digital counselling platforms, we decided to contextually understand from the Ghanaian senior high school students, their life challenges arising from their life stories. The study also explores the extent to which ICT is currently being used to provide counselling services to students. Questionnaires and interviews were used to collect data from selected students and a school counselor. The selected students were made to write about their life stories subjectively. This is one of the best PHP project on Personal Counselling. You can download best PHP project on and report on Personal Counselling. Click here to get complete php projects lists.

The content of the data was analyzed. After that, students’ financial status was identified as the main challenge to their academic pursuit, though several other difficulties were revealed in the study. The study also showed that students had little knowledge about the use of ICT in counselling and only used email as the only digital tool for counselling delivery. The purpose of the study is to use the findings as a basis to develop a digital counselling game in our next study. Again, the study is intended to serve as a guide for researchers when designing a digital counselling platforms for senior high schools. You can get report on Personal Counselling here.


Personal Counselling management report in php. Ghana is still underdeveloped and the nation is beaming with all sense of delight to improve on the education sector. However, less attention has been drawn to counselling. Academic performance of students is largely influenced by several factors, and there is the need to identify the challenges. Life’s challenges may hinder the capabilities and potentials of a child just as this study has revealed. It is clear from the study that some students have inherent life stories which may have never been shared with anyone including counselors. Others may have discussed their challenges with peers with no strategic measures to curb or deal with them. It is true that good academic work and career choice require absolute resilience, concentration and perseverance to attain. The research analysis has demonstrated that good academic and career choice are largely influenced by students’ life challenges. 

Conventionally, deviant attitudes in the Senior High Schools in Ghana are alarming, especially in the boarding houses. Students embark on campus unrest in the name of being unfairly treated by school authorities. Again, much of the students’ unrest is due to the measures by the school to tame and improve on a disciplinary level. Bullying is common in the senior high schools . Teenage pregnancy is still on the increase. The Ghanaian society frowns on these social vices and the effective solution is through counselling. Technologies in counselling have come to stay and require their usage to the fullest to reach many students in counselling delivery. Thus, ICT must be explored rigorously to provide a good strategy to help students in counselling delivery. This opens up the dimension of e-counselling through a digital game. Several counselling models have been designed to help students to develop and manage their lives without necessarily seeking for counselling at all times.

Future research would consider developing an emotion detection software that will automatically categorize students’ emotions based on their life challenges. After that a life story-based digital counselling game will be developed using a design science approach based on the current findings. The study is a continuous process to augment the counselling of students contextually and into a global perspective. The game shall consider modelling hope centered model for career development (HCMCD) to help students in their self-support development. You can download PHP project on Personal Counselling

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