Gas Pipeline Monitoring for Hospitals

 Gas Pipeline Monitoring For hospitals

 Gas Pipeline Monitoring for Hospitals


The pipeline distribution system is an integral part of all medical Gas Management Systems. It serves to bring all required medical gases and vacuum to areas where they are needed. Without a properly designed, installed, and maintained distribution system, the security of the whole hospital can be at risk. Mishaps involving the malfunction or misuse of medical gas supply to operating theatres have cost many lives. Oxygen is one of the most widely used gases for life-support and respiratory therapy. In this project, we have implemented a system which monitors the storage of gas using pressure sensors and leakage of gas.

This  system integrator focuses on providing centralized gas pipeline monitoring systems for hospitals. The service they provide makes it possible for hospitals to reduce both maintenance and labor costs. Since hospitals may not have an existing network suitable for this type of system, GPRS communication provides an easy and ready-to-use solution for remote, distributed monitoring systems .

Many different wireless sensor nodes for gas pipeline leak detection and location has been proposed but still there are challenges particularly on environmental issues and signal accuracy. Wireless sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks perform several key functions like gathering sensory information, information processing and communication with other connected nodes in network. For long gas pipeline, it involve numerous nodes for accurate monitoring.The separation between one node and another depends  on sensor capabilities and its resolution and environmental constraints which affect the functionalities of the sensor.The separation between one node and another depends on sensor capabilities and its resolution and environmental constraints which affect the functionalities of the sensor.

System Configuration

H/W System Configuration

Speed                   : 1.1 GHz
RAM                      : 256 MB(min)
Hard Disk              : 20 GB
Floppy Drive          : 1.44 MB
Key Board             : Standard Windows Keyboard
Mouse                  : Two or Three Button Mouse
Monitor                : SVGA
S/W System Configuration
Platform                     :  IOT
Operating system       : Windows Xp,7,
Server                       : WAMP/Apache
Working on                : Browser Like Firefox, IE