Flyash Mosaic Flooring Tiles

Flyash Mosaic Flooring Tiles

Flyash Mosaic Flooring Tiles


Flyash Mosaic Flooring Tiles Brick and tile production is an important area of industrial production worldwide. There are 498 factories of brick and tile in the country. Transfer and construction proceed after the production of tiles.

Due to the presence of tile waste with higher SO3 and CaO content and lower MgO content, Seyitömer fly ash was not suitable for use as secondary raw material.

Approximately 7-10% of total production in Turkey comes out as waste. A portion of brick and tile waste is generally used on sport grounds. A large part of these waste is saved in brick and tile factory storage areas.

Beside tile waste, coal fly ashes cause important environmental and storage problems. However, it is known that 360 million tons fly ashes have been stored all over the world. Especially in Turkey, electrical energy is produced in thermal power plants, based on coal.


Physical and mechanical tests were performed to investigate the effect on the physical and mechanical characteristics of roof tile samples of the addition of tile waste and coal fly ash. Drying and firing shrinkage, drying and firing strength and; water absorption; tablets and sticks were determined for samples.

Tile body would be subjected to “lime pops” if the composition of the tile was increased in the formulation of the roof tile. Lime pops are small craters on the tile surface with a white spot at the bottom.