Fly Ash Concrete

Fly Ash Concrete

Fly Ash Concrete


Fly Ash Concrete utilization in concrete as partial replacement of cement is gaining importance day by day. Technological improvements in thermal power plant operations as well as collection systems of fly ash improved the quality of fly ash.

To study the use of fly ash in concrete, cement is replaced partially by fly ash in concrete. In this experimental work concrete mix prepared with replacement of fly ash by 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Effect of fly ash on workability, setting time, compressive strength and water content are studied. To study the impact of partial replacement of cement by fly ash on the properties of concrete, experiments were conducted on different concrete mixes.


From the result of this study, it can be conclude that cement replacement by fly ash  is useful  in lower grades of cement such as M20. It can be stated that at 25% of replacement of cement by fly ash there is considerable increase in strength properties. Incorporation of fly ash in concrete can save the coal and thermal industry disposal cost and produce a “greener” concrete for construction. With    the    use    of   mineral   admixture    the    cost    is considerably  reduced  due  to  no  use  of  mechanical vibrators  plus  viscosity  modifying  admixtures  also avoided.