Groundwater Quality at Bommasandra Industrial Area

Groundwater Quality At Bommasandra Industrial Area

Groundwater Quality at Bommasandra Industrial Area


Groundwater Quality At Bommasandra Industrial Area Groundwater is a natural resource for drinking water .In addition to the population growth, urbanization and industrialization also extend the demand of water. Providing safe drinking water supply to the ever growing urban and sub-urban population is going to be a challenge to the civil authorities, city planners, policy makers and environmentalists.

Groundwater is a major source of drinking water in both urban and rural areas of Bommasandra. Bommasandra city is rapidly raising population, changing lifestyle and intense competition among users- agriculture, industry and domestic sectors is driving the groundwater table lower. Besides, discharge of untreated wastewater through bores and leachate from unscientific disposal of solid wastes also contaminate groundwater, thereby reducing quality of fresh water resources.


The results indicate that most of the borewell water quality parameters were beyond the permissible limits in the industrial area and its enviorns. The overall view of the WQI of the present study zone had a poor WQI value. For any borewell water quality treatment programme the point of consideration is to bring the WQI below 100 so as to achieve poor quality of life. Therefore compressive sewerage system for safe disposal of wastes should be developed to safeguard ground water quality in the study area. The borewell water is crystal clear, odourless and palatable and at few sample points are of the salty taste.